Your ‘New Year – New You’ Email Marketing Diet – How To Get Your Email Campaigns Honed And FIT For Delivery

How’s that new January  gym membership looking? Packing those trips to the local fitness club into your January routine? Good, good. Keep it up!

And while we’re on the subject of a  ‘New Year, New You’ regime (and bearing in mind this is an email marketers’ blog) I thought this a good time to take a look at the diet of your email campaigns!

Bear with me here…

…this is how the analogy works:

Get your emails honed and fit for delivery

We all know that cutting the ‘junk food’ from your diet can get you back into those skinny  jeans (wear them soon though – surely they can’t stay in fashion much longer?!).

Now try think about your email campaigns in a similar way.

By cutting any perceptions of ‘junk’ from your email campaigns you can get your email messages into more inboxes.

Follow dotdigital’s ‘5-a-day’ guide to getting more of your emails into more inboxes

1. Go organic – and clean up your data

Build your email database organically, by collecting permissioned contact details (along with demographics and psychographics).

Use your website homepage and every content page and customer/prospect touch-point to incentivise and entice your visitors and customers to sign up to newsletters, alerters, and special offers.

Data collected in this way will protect your or your ESP’s sender reputation, reduce bounce rates, spam complaints and maximize your deliverability rates.

2. Avoid ‘processed’ data

Using rented, purchased or ‘third party’ data may increase your risk of getting high bounce rates or spam complaints.

Always check any third-party data you are emailing for ‘generic email addresses’ and find out how contact permission was originally collected. As a rule, do not email to contacts who have not directly given you prior permission to email them your marketing messages.

3. Cut the bulk and think lean

(You see where I’m going with this analogy now  – I’m on a roll!)

Sending ‘bulk’ email campaigns won’t get you the delivery rates you want. Cut the excess and think ‘lean and highly targeted campaigns’.

Make sure you collect meaningful data you can segment your target audience by and email tightly targeted segments with highly relevant campaigns.

4. Use personal training

Keeping your email messages ‘personal’ is crucial.

Tailor your messages, offers and content to fit the profile and expectations of your recipients to keep them relevant and keep your unsubscribe rates down and your reputation up.

Remember, by using personalization and dynamic content you can address your emails directly at the name and the needs of your audience.  Sending the right message, to the right people at the right time will reap long-term deliverability benefits.

5. Be true to yourself

No matter how honed and targeted your emails and data are, deliverability relies first and foremost on the ISPs believing you are who you say you are. It’s all about the trust.

Sending your email campaigns from an authenticated ‘sent from’ address is critical for identifying and verifying your domain name to the ISPs.

Always ensure the domain you use for sending emails is configured to enable authentication (SPF / Sender ID/ DomainKeys).

And lastly, remember at all times your daily email fitness mantra: “I must, I must, I must improve my trust”.

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