Your channel or mine?

Bringing multichannel marketing to your automation strategy: an introduction to dotmailer channel extensions

With 72% of consumers wanting an integrated marketing approach (1) and content published on two or three channels having a 24% increase in engagement, why wouldn’t marketers be looking into ways of communicating with their customers via multiple channels?

dotdigital has traditionally been known as an email marketing provider (and a great one, if I do say so myself) but as a consumer only being marketed to via email can sometimes get a little dull.

Luckily for our customers, and us as marketers, we live in an age where we have a variety of channels to communicate and absorb information from. Whether this be via SMS, push messaging, a call from a sales rep or even some direct mail, they all work in the right circumstances.

But the power and results really come from when you tie these channels together into a single communication strategy, and with the launch of dotdigital’s channel extensions we are putting this control into your hands.

Channel extensions

On request you can have one of our pre-built extensions added to your account, or if you already have a relationship with a third-party who is compatible with the authentication/request methods you can also have a custom provider added to your account. Once enabled, within the program builder you will see a new menu option for ‘Channel Extensions’ where your new provider will be available to drag onto your automation canvas.

As you will already be familiar with dragging in an email send within your automation program, it’s exactly the same for any other channel. Adding these could happen as part of a complex welcome or retention program you already have running, or could be a simple daily notification to a sales rep to call a lead based on a contact becoming hot using our new lead scoring tool.

How and when you decide to use additional channels to communicate with your customers is completely up to you, but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible!

Below I explain the pre-built extensions we have available, but if you have some specific requirements just give us a call as we also support custom providers that you may be working with! And with 40% of mature multichannel marketers reporting increases of more than 15% in revenue that are attributed to marketing programs (2), I wouldn’t delay getting in touch.

U cd try SMS 4 comms

Ok shorthand SMS days are now gone (I do miss it!), but with stats like 90% of American adults now owning a cell phone, and the average smartphone user spending 2 hours 22 minutes using their phone daily (3), communicating directly to your customers via a device they are spending more and more time with only seems sensible.

Available as pre-built extensions are dotmailer SMS, Twilio and Dynmark. Each have their own pricing and offering, but we felt these guys covered a wide spectrum and would help you get going quickly with automated SMS messaging.

Ah, push it, push it good

You might not remember the days of Salt-N-Pepa, but they were certainly onto something before the world even knew what push messaging was. With 52% of users enabling push messaging on their mobile devices (4) and 54% of users who open a push notification converting from a segmented push (5), sending targeted personalized push messages to users of your app certainly gets results and now you can include this form of communication within an automation program you create in Engagement Cloud.

We didn’t pick a push provider to have pre-built as each and every client we spoke with worked with someone different, but if you’re interested in using push within your marketing strategy give us a call and let us know who your provider is, and we will see what we can do.

Postman pat and his automated marketing cat

Yes, direct mail does still work! 56% of postcards are read by recipients, making them the direct mail piece most likely to be read (6). And just because it’s the old way of marketing doesn’t mean they can’t be produced digitally and brought into 2015. A custom direct mail extension (with your print provider) can enable you as part of any automation program to send a request for a personalized post card to be printed and posted to a contact. It could even have a picture of the recipient on the front or Postman Pat, either way it’s pretty darn cool!

Let the be with you Luke

“Is he struggling to make CRM sound fun?” I hear you say. Yes, yes I am but stick with me. Multichannel doesn’t just mean communicating with your customers via multiple channels – it could be connecting different platforms within your organisation that help drive multichannel activity.

We already have some awesome connectors available for both Dynamics and Salesforce, that cover synchronization of contacts from CRM to dotmailer. But with the recent introduction of lead scoring, it’s going to be more than likely that a subscriber might become nurtured enough to warrant creating a lead in your CRM.

In addition to our existing deep CRM integrations we now have pre-built channel extensions for both Salesforce and Dynamics allowing you to quickly create contacts or leads in either system as part of an automation program. So when your next contact becomes blazing hot they can automatically feed into your CRM for a sales person to close the deal.

As with all things, we’ve implemented what used to be complex marketing actions into something that now only takes minutes, with a lovely drag and drop interface. We hope you come up with some creative ideas and I’m sure you will be a multichannel Jedi In no time. Contact us today via email, social, phone, post or even in person at one of our offices – the choice of channel is now yours.


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