Your 12 unbreakable email marketing resolutions for 2014

1. I will make my email marketing mobile responsive

In 2012, 36% of all emails opened were opened on smart phones, and that number is growing year on year. If you make just one change this year to your marketing, make sure your email campaign templates are mobile responsive. Read more about mobile email marketing in our whitepaper.

2. I will test more

Nothing is more effective at improving your email campaign metrics and ROI as split testing. And we’re not just talking subject lines. You need to split test your ‘sent from’ address, ‘friendly from’ name, as well as any aspect of your campaign creative and content.

Done well, it can double, or even treble or more, your open and click-through rates.

3. I will use dynamic content in my email campaigns

Dynamic content is a powerful way to automatically target your email content to each individual recipient, for maximum relevancy. This level of personalisation and relevancy can deliver dramatic improvements in response rates and engagement.

4. I will create an email marketing calendar for the year

Does your email marketing programme reflect and make the most of the key calendar events in your sales year?

From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, Easter and the Christmas season, plus all the key events dates in-between that can drive revenue for your business, putting together an effective programme will maximise your online sales from these opportunities.

5. I will implement a welcome programme using email marketing automation

Are you giving your new customers and contacts the welcome they deserve? Engaging welcome emails make a great first impression and set the tone for your relationship.

It’s imperative you build an email welcome communications plan that will help build your customer loyalty, engagement and trust from the kick-off – and reduce your unsubscribe rates.

6. I will execute a post-purchase and loyalty programme

Existing customers cost a lot less to keep than acquiring new customers. That’s why it’s so important that once a customer has purchased from you, you use email marketing automation to communicate with them post purchase.

7. I will harness audience engagement by using email marketing automation to react to their online behaviours

Triggered emails are the secret weapon that can turn your lead and conversion generation into an automated production line. You should be creating triggered email campaigns based on any customer data segments, goal completions, events and rules, so when the conditions are met, an email is automatically sent to the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

8. I will segment my emails based on customers’ engagement with my email marketing

Understanding which groups of people within your email database are engaging and interacting with which of your campaigns is the key to achieving outstanding success with your email marketing. Segment your contacts based on their levels of engagement with your email campaigns, and take your email strategy and ROI to the next level.

9. I will use auto-remail

A remail campaign is a second chance to get that first bite. So scheduling a remail of a campaign automatically to non-openers with a new subject line is a profitable exercise and ensures maximum engagement.

10. I will create a preference centre for my customers and email subscribers

This is how you reduce your unsubscribe rates and increase you CTRs. A preference centre is where your contacts can opt in and out of types and frequency of communications they want to receive from you.

11. I will use a Custom From Address

Custom From Addresses mean that you get better delivery rates, your emails protect your brand, and you protect your transactional domain from the potential threat of blacklisting.  Find out more about custom from addresses.

12. I will use social sharing and follows in my email marketing

These days, integrating social media marketing with your email marketing is an essential piece of every marketer’s strategy. Read our guide to social email marketing to learn how to effectively integrate your email campaigns with your social media marketing, to maximise your message reach and build your email database.

Whilst we’re on new year’s resolutions, check out our blog: Your ‘New Year – New You’ Email Marketing Diet. 

All of the above can be done in dotMailer – if you’re resolved in kickstarting your email marketing in 2014 contact your account manager on 0845 337 9170.

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