World Cup DotMailer Winners

Spain saw victory, England saw defeat but there were 13 lucky winners of dotMailer’s England World Cup Anthems Game.

Congratulations to the following who all put the England World Cup Anthems in the correct order and were picked at random to receive either a £20 Amazon voucher, a £20 Firebox voucher, or  £15 iTunes voucher.

  • Laura Cook
  • Paul Blunn
  • Andrew Beer
  • Jen Pomfret
  • Gill Dawson
  • Martin Ross
  • Bimal Taylor
  • Emma Kelly
  • Richard Renda
  • Michael Wood
  • John Hopley
  • Greg Wilson
  • Olly Gosling

To those who weren’t quite as lucky take a look at the pictures of our offices on Facebook, decorated in style for each of the countries in the World Cup and keep your eyes out on our Twitter accounts every Friday at 12 noon for dotFoolery, our latest Twitter competition to make your Friday afternoon’s go that little bit faster.