Will Your Emails And Websites Break In IE8?

By Tink Taylor

I attended the DMA’s conference on Internet and Email Security Measures for Digital marketing at the end of October. With Craig Spiezle, Director of Online Security and Safety from Microsoft Internet Explorer, a main focus of the conference was on the launch of IE8, InPrivate browsing and the implications for online tracking. The news is that there won’t be an issue with IE8 for emails but there will be for websites.

So the message I send to you all this Christmas (apart from the usual Christmas cheer and greetings) is: YOUR WEBSITE WILL MORE THAN LIKELY BREAK IN IE8 and in the best boy scout fashion, please please please be prepared

  • Evaluate the third party content on your site
  • Evaluate your privacy policy
  • Identify your partner data and privacy policies
  • Investigate InPrivate Feeds – Contract TRUSTe
  • Publish a thirdparty.html page

Download a beta version of IE8 and test your website. Read the advice on what to do if it breaks your site and fix it before the major release of IE8.

If you have 3rd party content on your site, make sure you link to who provides the content and continually build trust throughout your site. IE8 will make the world wide web a safer place to do legitimate business, we all just need to be ready.

After the conference the speakers and I went for dinner. As I was taking photos of the dinner I noticed how well dressed several of my companions were.

Denny Dayman, Chief Privacy Officer, Eloqua who spoke on email authentication, in his green shirt, Craig Spiezle, Microsoft, in his salmon pink shirt and Dela Quist, CEO, Alchemy Worx who talked on the changing rules of deliverability and the importance of data mining and hygiene in purple. How splendid it was that my email marketing colleagues chose to wear dotdigital’s 3 corporate colours.

Its always a pleasure spending time with my fellow Email Marketing Council members at the DMA. At the council we put a lot of hard work into providing thought leadership through such events. Watch this space as I will be posting the details of all the up coming events I recommend you attend. Whilst you wait why not also check out our Email Marketing Council blog which is full of practical advice.

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