Why email is a powerful tool in omnichannel retail

Email is a very powerful tool in omnichannel retail - and the reasons stack up.

As a marketer, it can help you become faster and smarter, by enabling you to automate the many time-consuming yet essential day-to-day outputs. For customers, email marketing automation is designed to give them the ultra-personal experience they expect from today’s brands.

Customer experience (CX) is a very hot topic right now and, according to Forrester, CX will be among the top ten critical success factors determining who will win and who will fail in the age of the customer in 2016.

Here are some examples of how email automation can support you in building a powerful omnichannel marketing strategy:

Do more and save heaps of time

When you automate, you take a lot of the time-consuming work out of the process. Simply set which group of contacts you want to send an email or workflow to, when you want to send it, and what actions will trigger further workflows. Then you can sit back, relax and leave everything to your email marketing automation platform to personalize and send each email for you.

Deliver hyper-targeted, sales-boosting offers

Another tasty feature of email automation are the tools that integrate with customer data platforms. These allow you to send unique voucher codes that are exclusive to each individual contact. This ensures the vouchers can’t be duplicated or re-used, and also helps you track their success with different demographics.

Build loyalty for life

Automation means you can show your most valuable customers just how much they mean to you by sending out an invite to an exclusive sale: either online or in-store.

Get that all-important feedback

Use email to ask customers what they think and what they want with surveys. It’s an invaluable way of helping to optimize yours – and their – retail experience. Try gamification triggers: they offer your customers concrete rewards in exchange for taking certain actions. These triggers encourage your customers to participate by showing that you value their opinion so much, you’re willing to pay for it.

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