When Should I Send My Email Campaigns And How Often?

Wondering when’s the best time to send your email campaign? There’s no general answer for everyone, but there are smart tips that our email consultants use to find the best time for our clients. James ‘Never Short Of A Word Or Two’ Ford shares his thoughts, followed by a list of tips from across the team.

Email marketing and timing: tips from the team

“Like a lot of things in email marketing the answer here is TEST. However knowing your audience will help too. With regard to time of day to send, put your feet in the recipients shoes, when you would you be most receptive to this email? I was presenting at a seminar and someone mentioned they were experimenting with time of month sending – marketing high ticket items at the start of the month when people have just been paid and lower ticket items at the end when people are feeling the squeeze.

So in summary be creative and oh yeah, TEST!”

Deane McCloy, Sales Manager

Email Marketing - When Should You Send?“A starting point would be to look at the demographic of your customer and make an educated guess to when you think it would be a good time to send.

Go with your gut feeling for your first few campaigns and then test from this point. try sending at 5.30-7pm for a younger demographic this is when teenagers login to social media and sustain long periods of time online communicating with friends etc.”

Joshua Arnold, Email Marketing Consultant

“Whenever we start talking about when and how often we should email, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the emails we are sending.

Emailing relevant, specific information, that our target audience care about, at least once a month will help to increase brand loyalty and ultimately turn into conversion.

Really the question is ‘how often is too often?’. If I’m receiving relevant offers, event invitations and information from a company I want to hear from, I’m happy to get as many emails as they want to send.”

Lucy Nolan, Email Marketing Consultant

“If you have something to say or you want your subscribers to do something, send an email! If you think they need to hear this information now or need to action something soon, send it now!

No but seriously, if you have something to say, send an email, if you don’t have something to say, think of something…”

Chris Ranson, Email Marketing Consultant

“If it’s IT related then I have heard it’s Tuesday morning. If it’s something for the weekend then Wednesday afternoon might get good traction.

And of course the classic is lunchtime for everything B2C and quarter to 9 Mon – Fri for everything B2B”

Adrian Thorne, Email Marketing Consultant

“As with so many variables with your email marketing, there is no hard and fast answer to this. I would suggest that you test different times of the day and monitor closely with your account manager (if you have one) the kinds of results you get.

The same goes for frequency, you need to hit the right people with the right message at the right time, for many this will mean sending more email. If you see your unsubscribe rates start to creep up then you should probably pull back somewhat.”

Karl Stone, Email Marketing Consultant

“Working out the “best time” can prove to be a bit of a false economy- your competitors are all thinking the same thing. If you think your competitors are sending out at 9AM, why not experiment with sending out at 12PM? Dare to differentiate.”

Nathan Thompson, Email Marketing Consultant

“There really is no right or wrong answer, results can be better at morning or night depending who you’re targeting and what your objectives are. However, what is apparent is that the time emails are sent is becoming less of a factor as times goes on due to the rapid rise in smartphone usage – people are now checking their emails much more frequently, and often instantly through technology such as push messages.”

– Andrew Johnston, Email Marketing Consultant

Got your own tips? Course you do! Share them below, we promise to read and respond to all comments…

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