“When I Was Your Age, We Started Father’s Day Campaigns In December”

DadFather’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday June 16th – in case you were wondering).

Although it’s been reported that Britons spend more on Mother’s Day than they spend on Father’s Day, the average Brit still spends around£10-£12 on their Dad’s to mark the occasion.

For today’s post we’ve rummaged through our email archives and picked out two of our favourite Father’s Day email marketing campaigns from the last few years. What do you think of these campaigns? Have we missed out a blinder?  Let us know what you think by using the comments box below.



First up is Sur la table. Sur la table sells kitchenware products, including cookware, cutlery, cooks’ tools, small electrics and bake ware. Not necessarily the typical ‘Dad gifts’ you may think, but as Sur la table have shown, it’s all about the delivery.

They ask ‘Need a Last Minute Father’s Day Gift?’ They then go on to ‘sell’ a gift card that ‘Dad can use online, in stores, or towards a cooking class’

Why we love their father’s day campaign:

The email is well designed; it’s clean and simple with obvious calls to action. The picture is design led and visually appealing; it really paints a picture of what a gift card might be able to buy or (if kitchenware is purchased) be used to produce.

Sur la table include social sharing buttons which means that even if they don’t make a sale from the email, they might still gain a few fans and followers.

They also use the email to raise awareness of their ‘Grilling Sale’, telling recipients that they can ‘save 20% on all grilling cookware, tools, pizza on the grill and rubs, marinades and sauces’. This gives the email a dual purpose because it might appeal to those who are not looking for a gift for dad.

Sur la table can send this (or an email like this) right up to father’s day itself because the gift cards that recipients purchase can be emailed straight to dad. This is great for the last minute shoppers who have missed the ‘last guaranteed day for delivery’ slots from other retailers.


Footlocker is an American sportswear and footwear retailer.

Why we love their father’s day campaign:

Footlocker sent out an email with the subject line “Dads: This Email is Not For You, Please Forward It To Your Family.” What a great call to action for the Dad’s on their mailing list! This forwarding request is bold as brass in the subject line; it really does stand out.

Footlocker then continued with the calls to action within the body of the email, but these ones were meant for the mums, sons and daughters on their database.

Footlocker also used this email to show recipients that they don’t just sell footwear; they sell clothes and gadgets too! This is something that many on their list might not have been aware of, especially given the fact that their name is ‘footlocker’.

Footlocker painted a lovely picture, ‘an active dad is a happy dad’ – this tag line would have undoubtedly resonated with many of their subscribers.

Top Tip:

If this post has enthused you to send your own father’s day inspired email campaign then you might be interested to know that the most searched terms related to Father’s Day last year were connected to when Father’s Day actually is; consider adding the date of Father’s Day to your subject line (again, Sunday June 16th) to help you to achieve increased open rates and engagement levels.

I love to read your thoughts, tips and questions, so please don’t hesitate to speak your mind below, or tweet @dotMailer – we always respond.

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