What’s New In DotMailer?

Here’s a quick catchup on just some of the new features and tools we’ve added to dotMailer over the last month or so.

‘Email Client’ analysis tool.

Do you know how many of your recipients use, for example, Outlook 2007 or Hotmail to open your emails, or are viewing your emails on their iPhone or Blackberry?
Our new Email Client analysis reporting tool will tell you.
Now you can focus on getting your templates and campaigns right for your own users, ensuring your emails are designed for maximum impact within your key email clients, with images switched on and switched off.
Access your Email Client Analysis report by clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to the Unique Opens link in your campaign reporting overview screen.

Website sign up forms can now include field validation

We’ve made it easy for you to make sure your website visitors complete all the form fields you require when signing up on your website.

Just tick the ‘Require all fields to be filled in’ in the Contact Forms tab under Contacts: Advanced features.

For detailed guidance on how to create web signup forms using dotMailer, click here.

ATOM & RSS Feeds

dotMailer now allows you to add RSS & ATOM feeds in your email campaigns. You can specify the address to call the feed from and on sending your campaign dotMailer will include the items in that field.

You control the number of items shown and the format of the item. Easy peasy content for your campaigns!

Just use the Insert Action button at the top of the Editor and choose the RSS Feed tab on the far right. It really is that easy – a classic example of dotMailer’s ‘NASA technology, with a Fisher-Price interface’!

New, even larger file size limit for the dotMailer Document manager
We’ve just scrapped the 5 mb upload limit on our dotMailer document manager, and increased the limit to 10 mb.
Now you can host even larger files online through dotMailer, and your contacts can download them directly from your emails.We’ve loads of new features for dotMailer planned for 2010. Keep watching this space.