What you can learn from 2015’s holiday season

The festive season is officially over but for some companies, Christmas 2016 planning has already begun.

We’re officially in the midst of January and while Christmas may seem like a distant memory, the learnings from successful campaigns should see you reaping the rewards in 2016.

If you feel like there could be a little room for improvement (and there’s always room for improvement!), then don’t worry – we’re on hand to help.

How about taking inspiration from one email campaign sent in the holiday season of 2015, with tips that that can be used in 2016 (and not just at Christmas!)

You may remember our series of blog posts called ‘Festive email favs’, which we published at the back of last year. One of the email campaigns featured was by award-winning skincare brand, Elemis.

Screengrab of Elemis advent calendar email

In the run up to the big day, Elemis subscribers are presented with an advent calendar which encourages the reader to click on a door, revealing a surprise on their website. So it was great to hear the results of this campaign from the Elemis marketing team:

  • The overall click-through-rate (CTR) in December was up by 94%
  • Testing revealed that having a closed door on the email vs. having an open door (which revealed the gift immediately) showed an uplift in CTR of 271% and 78% in revenue

What can you take away from this?

  • A/B testing your campaigns is incredibly important – the results Elemis saw from the closed door emails show that an intriguing CTA wins
  • Be creative with your offers – your subscribers probably receive countless discount-led emails in their inboxes every day, so anything you can do to build excitement is likely to resonate

Have you got other marketing resolutions to nail in 2016? Check out our Five New Year resolutions (that you can actually stick to!) blog post.

Hands holding scroll with Happy New Year 2016 message

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