What is your marketing automation maturity?

As you might have noticed, we’ve been posting quite a few blogs on Marketing Automation; how to choose the right automation solution for your business, what you can actually automate, what to avoid when starting with marketing automation and so on. But how helpful is this information to you, if you don’t know where you are on the marketing automation pathway?

Do you know what the obstacles are you and your business need to overcome first? And is how you’d now rate yourself on the automation scale that accurate a guess?

Last year, dotmailer’s Client Services Director and Chair of the DMA Email Council ran a workshop which covered these items, and quite a few more. The results were interesting to see and prospects and customers alike gained better insight into their company challenges and their place as marketers in the marketing automation journey.

Obviously we can’t fit a full workshop into a blog (!) but we did want to reach out and help the wider audience of marketers out there identify their own obstacles and marketing automation maturity.

So are you up to the challenge? Get your pen and paper out and take our short quiz to find out.

Question 1: Data

Circle the statement you think is most relevant to your company

A. My customer data exists in silos and it is too difficult to combine the sources to support marketing programs

B. I have access to my transactional/behavioral data but I have to import it manually

C. All of my marketing systems are interconnected to a single database

D. All customer related systems (marketing, support, customer service, finance, etc.) are interconnected

E. All customer related systems populate a single database which is connected to external data sources to enhance the data and self educate about their interests

Question 2: Customer Insight

Circle the statement you think is most relevant to your company

A. My email marketing is primarily batch and blast with the occasional opportunistic customer selection

B. I use past behaviors and transaction data as the basis of my targeting

C. I use customer behavior and transaction data in real-time to drive insight and targeting strategies

D. I have a single customer view that allows me to base my campaign selections on predictive profiling

E. My marketing data and insight is used to drive other areas of the business

Question 3: Economic Drivers

Circle the statement you think is most relevant to your company

A. We choose channels and allocate marketing budget primarily based on external costs

B. While we do not have unlimited funds, we also factor in the internal efficiency gains provided by a system that is easy to use

C. Our main goal with our marketing is to increase our Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) by increasing revenues or decreasing costs

D. Marketing cost is seen as an essential part of doing business and therefore we are solely focused on marketing effectiveness

E. The value of the data we hold and the insight we gain is measured and reported to senior management

Question 4: Management Buy-In

Circle the statement you think is most relevant to your company

A. My team and I focus on email marketing but the rest of the business doesn’t seem to care

B. Our marketing director is only vaguely aware of when a campaign is being sent but is quite keen to see the results

C. The marketing director takes an active role in setting the email marketing strategy

D. Senior management is aware of our email program and are regularly briefed on the results

E. The results of the email program are included in the management information pack provided to the board of directors

Question 5a: Technology Usage

Circle the statement you think is most relevant to your company

A. We set up campaigns and send them out

B. We use standing segments and simple triggers

C. We use customer event data to drive lifecycle campaigns

D. We use customer behavior to predict the next best communication

E. We use all of the insight we gain on the customer to drive multichannel marketing programs

Question 5b: Technology Investment 

Circle the statement you think is most relevant to your company

A. Is there a free version of this software?

B. I can’t start my campaign till my colleague gets off the departmental computer which has the software

C. We share licenses across many machines (shh, don’t tell)

D. I can get the technology I need with the proper business case

E. Our capex budget is bottomless if we can demonstrate a real payback


To add up your overall score, follow these rules. For every C you circled give yourself 3 points and so on.

A. Score 1 point for each

B. Score 2 points for each

C. Score 3 points for each

D. Score 4 points for each

E. Score 5 points for each

* Questions 5 A and B get half points each

Where are you on the marketing automation journey?

Score 1-5: Step 1 – Initial

Score 6-10: Step 2 – Managed

Score 11-15: Step 3 – Defined

Score 16-20: Step 4 – Optimized

Score 21-25: Step 5 – Potentialized

What does this mean?

Marketing Automation journey


What next?

Is this where you thought you were? Is it where you should be? Based on the answers you gave, could you be further along?

Once you’ve answered these questions you need to decided what you have the to focus on, how to approach it. And take a look at the barriers that could be holding you back: People, Process, Tools and Inputs.

We can help.