Christmas Email Inspiration From 6 Major Brands

I’m sorry to do this to you but…Christmas is a mere 76 days away. Some of your customers will be present buying already. The most eager companies have already started sending. Remember last year, when it was all a big rush? Don’t let that happen again. As soon as your boss even gets a twinkle in their eye and opens their mouth to form a ‘C’, you could be ready, armed with glittering festive ideas. How? Well we’ve pulled together some email campaigns from years past that should inspire you. Take a look, share your own in the comments below, have a cheeky brainstorm and get in touch if you need a hand – our Creative Studio can help you have the most successful Christmas campaigns ever. Enjoy…

P.S: Our biggest tip for Christmas this year is MOBILE. It’s well known that consumer spend online peaks during the actual holidays, and more emails are opened on mobiles during the holidays than any other time – so don’t miss that opportunity to get in (responsive) shape for Christmas.

Boot's Star Gift Email Campaign

Each year, Boots focus heavily on a ‘Star Gift’, often discounted. This acts to drive customers into the store but also to promote Boots as a econonical brand. Click to view Boots’ ‘Star Gift’ Email Campaign

Topshop's 'Last Chance For Christmas Delivery' Email Campaign

Topshop are just nabbing those last-minute present buyers with this ‘last chance to order’ campaign. Click the image to view Topshop’s ‘Last Chance For Christmas Delivery’ Email Campaign.


John Lewis's 'Find It All' Email Marketing Campaign

The delivery angle is used to death, but what we like about the John Lewis campaigns are all the lifestyle shots used –  the campaigns look and feel like shopping a catalogue than an email. Click to view John Lewis’ ‘Find It All’ Email Campaign

Made's 'Made For Giving' Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

We love how simple this email is, promoting MADE’s gift vouchers. Click to view Made’s ‘Made For Giving’ Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

Expedia's 'Test Your New Gadget' Christmas Email Campaign

Well this is an odd one – I like the lateral thinking: Expedia knew that many customers would have got a new tablet or smartphone, and they sent them this ‘big yellow button’ to “test the device” on…bit of a stretch if you ask me. Click to view Expedia’s ‘Test Your New Gadget’ Christmas Email Campaign

New Look's Alternative Christmas Message Email Campaign

Using content-led approach, New Look sent this ‘Alternative Christmas Message’ campaign arriving Christmas Morning, knowing that consumers spend record amounts online on Christmas Day. It’s a smart way to get customers on their site, but been sales-y and running the risk of being seen as crass. Click to view New Look’s ‘Alternative Christmas Message’ Email Campaign

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