Welcome {{ contact.data.firstname }}: It’s time to get personal

Coming up in dotmailer 15three is the release of advanced personalization, a way to make your content personalized like never before

dotdigital Engagement Cloud isn’t short of ways you can deliver personalized content to your customers, whether it be inserting their name into the subject line, displaying a different image based on gender, or optimizing a send for when they’re most likely to open an email.

But the industry and your customers purchasing behavior is changing, and in the multichannel world consumers now inhabit, they are finding themselves lost, frustrated and overwhelmed with all the content they’re exposed to.

With businesses seeing click through rates from email increasing by 14% when using personalization, and a 20% increase in sales opportunities from leads nurtured with targeted content, we felt is was time to take dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s personalization to another level, so I’m pleased to introduce you to advanced personalization.

Liquid lingo

The first thing we needed to decide on was a language/markup to use. It had to be easy to read, easy to use and able to cater for the scalability dotdigital Engagement Cloud requires in order to personalize millions of emails a minute, unique to each contact. We deliberated on a few and even tried building our own, but finally we settled on Liquid markup – an open source templating language the great guys and gals at Shopify created during their early beginnings.

Liquid is hugely flexible and comes with all types of cool filters that can be applied to your personalization, from upper case to camel case, to append and prepend. And the great thing about choosing Liquid is that with over 150,000 merchants using Shopify, plus an entire industry providing creative services to them, well, the internet isn’t short of people who understand it.

But don’t worry if you haven’t used Liquid before. After reading some documentation and a little trial and error you will find it fairly quick to pick up. You will be fluid in Liquid in no time!

Are you “looping” mad?

dotdigital Engagement Cloud | Looping and display each contact’s Insight data

The core requirement from advanced personalization was to enhance our personalization beyond the standard contact data field personalization our users have been familiar with for many years. And with the introduction of our Insight storage module last year, allowing you to store orders, bookings, preferences and basically anything you like in any structure you like, it only seemed sensible to allow you to personalize with it. “That sounds insane”, I hear you say!

Well, sometimes the dotdigital devs are looping mad but this feature makes it a reality. By selecting an Insight collection within your email or landing page, you can decide to loop and display each contact’s Insight data, as well as filter, sort, limit and even implement columns to display the content in a nice orderly fashion. And it doesn’t stop there. Let’s say you’re storing orders within Insight, and within an order you have the products your customer ordered; therefore you can also perform a loop within a loop to display the order’s contents. Showing your customers their three most recent orders, ordered by value, and in turn showing the contents of each of those orders…this is all now possible with advanced personalization.

Its possibilities are endless and we really hope to see you, our users, push the boundaries within your emails and landing pages with some ultra-hyper-mega personalized content, GO CRAZY!

In, out, shake it all about

dotdigital Engagement Cloud | Dynamic content building block.

If you’ve been using dotdigital Engagement Cloud for a while now, you will be familiar already with the capability of our dynamic content building block. If you haven’t, let me explain. Dynamic content allows you to implement if/or/else rules within your emails, e.g. if gender is ‘Male’ show x. Although this is super-powerful in itself, the rule criteria has always been limited on standard contact data fields. However, with the introduction of advanced personalization this is no longer the case.

Advanced personalization now allows for dynamic content that can base rules upon whether a contact is in or out of a particular address book or segment, or a group of address books or segments, that you already have set up within dotdigital Engagement Cloud. In addition to this, your rules can also be based on the Insight data you have against a contact. For instance, you can hide a product that’s on sale if the customer recently purchased it, or you can display events based on a contact’s previous bookings.

Your contacts are not all the same – they each have their own preference and relationship with your business, so shake it up a bit. Have that one-to-one conversation they deserve.

Drag and drop it like it’s hot!

As you’ve probably gathered by now, advanced personalization and its capabilities are limitless, and, although getting to grips with Liquid isn’t tricky, dotdigital Engagement Cloud is renowned for it’s ease of use and drag and drop technology. In which case it only seemed appropriate that we made ‘advanced’ easy!

Once you have advanced personalization enabled on your account, you will see a few more building blocks within EasyEditor. They don’t provide you with all the capabilities advanced personalization offers you, but we feel the the blocks we’ve provided will cater for 95% of what you want to achieve in a user-friendly drag and drop interface. You have no excuse now, it’s time to get personal with your contacts.

But feel free to get personal with us first

There is nothing better than having a direct conversation with someone, just like you now can in your emails and landing pages. If you’ve liked what you’ve read and you want to find out more, please give us a call!

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