Announcing a new exciting feature: WebInsight

There are simply not enough hours in the day for a digital marketer, especially when it comes down to finding truly actionable insights from your web data, and communicating on a one-to-one basis with the people that come to your online presence.

So what if, instead of spending weeks coding scripts and triggers, marketers could easily and automatically segment their site’s visitors, based on key data such as browse behavior, and trigger off emails if they visit a certain clutch of pages within your online presence?

Well, we’ve built an Add-On feature to our main suite of automation and segmentation tools that does exactly that, and a little bit more: introducing Engagement Cloud’s WebInsight module.

How does it work?

WebInsights simply requires a one-off addition of a small piece of JavaScript to your website – similar to the website custom audience features of Facebook and Twitter – which then is able to track every page a user visits on your site.

When a visitor clicks through a link from a dotdigital campaign, a marketer is then able to link the user’s behavior to a contact in a dotdigital address book.

What does it do?

In short, it is an intelligent tool that will allow you to create segments and automate emails based on how your visitors interact with your website.  In a nutshell, users can:

  • Easily create segments and target individuals that have viewed certain pages – for example you could identify your hottest prospects, and customers who are spending time looking at your highest value products and services
  • Use browse behavior to kick start highly targeted automated email marketing programs
  • Develop browse and form abandonment programs – prompt a completion of a form, download or perhaps even get feedback on your user experience

Why is this awesome for marketers?

Today’s marketer needs to be stay relevant, which means communicating to your customers within the same context that they are communicating with you – whether on a mobile device, desktop or connected device; whether they came to you through affiliates, social referrals, or direct. But without smart working, good analytics and automation, this simply is not possible at scale.

The WebInsights module allows marketers to simultaneous converse with their customers, while analyzing and optimizing the user experience through behavioral analytics. By better understanding customers, brands and organizations become a lot smarter at developing their own products and selling.

The type of data that WebInsights can append to your contact entries  (Click to Enlarge)

Who can use this?

The module is now out of testing, and available to all dotmailer users. Current dotmailer clients such as Elemis (consumer beauty retail), 7Dayshop (photography supplies) and Cabbages & Roses (homeware & fashion) are already seeing great results, and an impressive extension to their user experience.

Anonymity and Privacy Concerns

Online consumers are more concerned about their privacy than ever, and rightly so. It’s nice to play nice, and it’s also best practice to let your customers know that you’re using cookies.

WebInsights complies with current EU cookie advice, as reported by the UK Information Commissioners’ Office. If you are providing a data feed in order to tailor a large email send, then you must include a statement on your site to the following effect:

This site uses cookies to keep track of how you use this. This information may be used to offer assistance, or to send special offers that relate to the content viewed, or to help us improve the Website. We will not sell the information to third parties.

Please note, we are not lawyers and that you should always seek professional legal counsel if you are unsure whether your use of your customer’s data falls within legislation.

For more information, head to our WebInsight feature description.

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