We Love It When Potential Future Prime Ministers Drop In!

Chuka Umunna with Tink Taylor and Simon Bird, founders of dotdigital Engagament Cloud

It was an usual day at dotdigital HQ last Wednesday… We were approached to say a VIP wanted to come and visit us, get to know more about us as a business and our growth story. It seems the word has spread far and wide.

We were told that we would be visited by Chuka Umunna, Shadow Business Secretary, whom some tout as a future leader of the Labour party and potentially one day our Prime Minister!

It was great to meet Chuka, he congratulated us on our epic growth and was astounded by the +600% growth over the last 5 years, that put us in the Deloitte Fast 50 – a list of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK. He even tweeted about it – Chuka certainly seemed to be very knowledgeable on our sector of digital marketing.

Chuka’s not only a local, he is also a Crystal Palace fan (he worked in the box office and his father was even once a director) He was delighted to know that the Eagles are clients of ours.

Most importantly so he understands just how much potential there is in South East London and was interested to learn about our involvement and support of the movement called Croydon Tech City lead by local dynamic chap called Jonny Rose.

Chuka showed a genuine interest in the needs of our business and excitement about our growth. In particular, he asked about skills that schools where teaching, such as which languages we’d like our future talent to speak, were languages like Mandarin of interest?

He was delighted to hear or plans to take dotdigital Engagement Cloud further afield outside our operations in the US and Australia but also into non-English speaking regions, doing this by not only translating our application into 8 additional languages but also experimenting with our sales efforts of selling into such territories from our Croydon-based HQ with a view to potential putting feet on the street where we get traction and building great partnerships with local agencies

On his tour, Chuka was keen to discuss our team of ‘dotMums’ –whom are flexi-working mums continuing their careers, but with a highly-flexible, open company; so they can focus on their number one priority of being mums whilst also getting back to work.

And finally, we paused by the now burgeoning awards shelves for a photo. One for the wall. Good luck Chuka!

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