Want To Position Yourself as a Thought Leader? Read On!

Forbes contributor Michael Brenner defines thought leadership as the act of ‘becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience’.

Thought leaders:

  • Cultivate relationships with their network by interacting and engaging with them beyond the sales spiel.
  • Are seen as the go-to source for insight regarding the latest industry news stories/trends/finding.

In doing so, a thought leader builds a trusting relationship between them and their audience so that when relevant purchasing decisions need to be made, the thought leaders offering is front of mind.

Hold On, That Sounds A Lot Like Content Marketing To Me…!?

It is important to note that thought leadership can be found within content marketing; not all content marketing contains thought leadership.

The content marketing institute say that thought leadership content:

  • Needs to put forth new ideas or provide fresh insights into old ones
  • Doesn’t sit on the fence
  • Reflects high-quality (preferably original) research
  • And looks to the future

So, once you’ve penned something; a blog, whitepaper, report etc. that you believe deserves to be called ‘thought leadership’, how can you make sure that it’s read?

Email offers a fantastic way to deliver thought leadership content; it’s also a great way to set you apart from your competition because the overwhelming majority of e-mail newsletters that consumers receive are filled to the brim with ad copy and promotions.

If you send out emails that focus on solving buyers (and potential buyers) problems and answering questions rather than shouting about your products and services, then you’ll position your business as a company of experts and as a trusted resource to turn to, particularly when purchasing decisions need to be made.

Think You/Your Business Has What It Takes To Create Informative & Engaging Thought Leadership Content?

Here Are Our 3 Top Tips For Getting Started:


Thought leadership content needs to be customer led and focused. Let your readers tell you what they want to hear about.

Build An Idea Network:

Marketing agency ‘BrainRider’ say that ‘your company has access to lots of internal and external subject matter expertise, learn how to inventory and access it’.


Decide how you will best market your content; we’ve already spoken about how email is a very powerful vehicle for thought leadership content delivery, but also consider tools and approached that encompasses social media and search reads etc.

Do you send out content of this nature to your audience? Get in touch and tell us about it, we’d love to hear from you.

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