Voga.com sees Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend sales skyrocket

The fallout of Christmas is upon us, the gyms are the busiest they’ll be all year, the bars the quietest, those retail brands who were conquered by shoppers searching for the perfect gifts over the last two months are now busy making space in stock rooms.

So as a means to help you keep ahead of the game, we’re going back to where it all kicked off: that Friday at the end of November which marks one of the most important shopping days in the global retail calendar, a US export that the UK has taken with open arms and somehow managed to supercharge it.

So what is it possible to learn from the 2015/16 holiday period?

Well one thing you can be sure of, is that Black Friday is no longer a day that takes place just after thanksgiving in the US. It has developed into so much more and now signifies the beginning of the Christmas shopping flurry, kick-starting that period which brands look to so eagerly throughout the year.

The weekend of Black Friday to Cyber Monday has the highest web-traffic throughout the entire year. With email campaigns being a centrepiece of brands’ strategies to drive customers to their websites, it is no surprise that dotmailer clients saw that out of all channels, email accounted for 31.39% of visitors to their respective websites.     Email was putting customers directly in front of brands’ shop windows, and the discounts where luring the customers through the doors and towards the checkout. An idea that is supported by the fact that dotmailer clients saw 34.62% of their Black Friday Revenue come from email.

The movement of purchasing by consumers from high-street to online was something that was well publicised throughout the recent holiday period. But at no point more so than the Black Friday weekend, which emphasizes the already and ever increasing importance for an ecommerce presence for brands.

As an ecommerce platform, Magento is unrivalled and by blending the capabilities offered through Magento, with multichannel marketing, it is entirely possible to benefit from the same levels of traffic and revenue that dotmailer clients have seen over the holiday period. This seamless integration between the two platforms is a key part of why dotmailer has been announced as Magento’s first and only multichannel marketing automation Platinum Technology Partner.

Voga.com, a designer replica furniture store in the UK, benefited from the capabilities of the Magento and dotmailer integration over the weekend. They sent no less than 10 emails on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Localized to the countries they were being sent to, Voga.com saw an increase in sales over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend of 310% in 2015 in comparison to the sales over the same weekend in 2014.

Visit http://magento.dotmailer.com/ for more information

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