Video & Email: The Verdict

Have you considered using video within your email marketing campaigns? There is certainly a very strong case for online video….

SEO Moz, a provider of search engine optimisation software recently found that posts that contain videos attract 3 times more in-linking domains than a plain text post and MediaPost have also released data that confirms that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine behind Google.

Charlie VideoWhat about video in email?

  • A recent study by Experian has shown that simply including the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email increased click-through-rates from 7 % to 13 %.


  • The same report also found that video in email drove an average of a ‘21% higher conversion rate (CVR) and 24% higher average order value (AOV) when measured against using only a static image in the email linked to a video on a campaign landing page’.


  • Another powerful result of using video is the analytics you can generate. With video it is possible to track beyond clicks. Marketers can measure how long into a video someone watched and pinpoint exactly when they switched off. This is potentially very powerful data that is difficult if not impossible to measure when an email contains just text or an image.

The Case Against:

  • Consider that video might not work for all of your recipients. Broad inbox testing across email clients is vital so that you get a clear picture of how effectively your campaign will be delivered.
  •  If you are sending b2b emails, those in a busy but quiet office may feel your video email is invasive, particularly if it launches into auto play (so don’t do that!).
  •  Think about how many of your recipients will be opening your emails on a mobile device. Many of your recipients might pick up your email whilst not connected to WI-Fi meaning that they will download your clip using a 3G network. Not only might this hinder their viewing experience, they might incur additional data charges as well.

A Happy Medium?

Within dotMailer you can embed or attach video in your campaigns, but we’d recommend that rather than sending a video embedded within your email template, it might be better if you consider providing a link and uploading your video content to a website like YouTube/Vimeo or your own website. You can then include an image of the video thumbnail with a play button to encourage click-through.

This way, you can drive traffic to your video but don’t have to run any of the risks associated with embedding a video clip in the body of your email.

Tried video in emails? Let us know your thoughts below – we always read and reply!

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