Using videos within emails

Many people have asked us about using video within emails, and here’s where we tell you the truth – it’s a bit of a Holy Grail. It’s a fantastic thing (and looks terrific when it works) – but as a realistic objective for mass emailing it’s still just not quite there.

dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud does allow you to add video content – however support for such features at the recipients’ end is still relatively low, and delivery rates will be very adversely affected as a result.

So don’t be seduced by companies offering futuristic ‘technology platforms’ to stream video via email – it’s not the server that’s the issue… it’s the majority of end-users who use very standard email clients.

We’re with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) on this one. The only real way to ensure mass deliverability of a video message is to place it on a website or microsite, and provide a direct link from within the email.

That’s their advice and that’s our advice (and incidentally it’s the advice of all the other major email marketing vendors as well).

By linking from within the email you can ensure you reach ALL recipients – not just those savvy enough to have set up specific options for video receipt.

And you can then see, via dotdigital’s reports, exactly who has viewed your rich media content.

If you need help to build a microsite or website around a video message then just pick up the phone to us. It’s what we do – from designing email templates and small campaign microsites right up to full-blown websites.

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