Using Address Books Effectively – dotdigital Features 101

This is part of a series of posts drilling down into specific features of dotdigital; what they are and how to use them.

The times are always a-changing here at dotdigital. From EasyEditor to Pages & forms, we are constantly looking to develop new exciting products and services for clients based on customer feedback.

But while we love our new toys as much as the next innovative company, we also think it’s important to keep one ear to the ground and see where we can improve some of the features of existing products. After all, if there are a couple of worthwhile tweaks which can be made and it will make a difference to every single one of our customers, we’d be crazy not to bump it up the priority list, right? Right!

Which brings us nicely onto the topic of address books.

These indispensable tools sit at the heart of the very best email marketing campaigns. Like the goalkeeper tending the net, nobody really appreciates the role they play supporting segmentation, personalisation and relevancy, until something goes wrong!

At the end of the day, your campaign is only as strong as your address books and mailing list. So it’s vitally important that it does the job for you. We’ve listened to your feedback and made some tweaks. Check out some of the highlights below:

1. Copy/move contacts between address books

A much requested feature, this gives you much more control if you’re running multiple books (as you well should be if you want to make the most of segmentation!) Grab 50 at a time and transfer them either to one or multiple address books.

2. Sending previously sent campaigns to selected contacts

Contact lists in address books, behavioural and segmentation queries also have a new action – to send previous campaigns to selected contacts. Again you can select up to 50 contacts and specify which previously sent campaign should be sent to them.

3. Address book and Contact search boxes simplified

The wording on these search boxes has been simplified so that you know exactly what you’re searching for: contacts or address books.

4. Advanced options split into Display and Export

Here’s another cosmetic change that will make a user’s journey a bit smoother. The ominous Advanced Options button on grid-views has been split into a Display button for the grid’s display options and an Export dropdown for all your exporting needs.

5. Address books suppression list merging

When merging address books, you now have the option to choose to merge the suppression lists belonging to those address books at the same time.

We hope that the new address book functions help you tailor and segment your campaigns like never before.

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