Understanding Geomap Segmention – DotMailer Features 101

This is part of a series of posts drilling down into specific features of dotMailer; what they are and how to use them.


Personalisation and relevancy would not be possible without segmentation and far too often people view this as time consuming and difficult. But whether you’re a long-term dotMailer user or a total newbie, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite features which helps you segment in an incredibly easy way.

The geomap segmentation tool allows you to segment a list of recipients by location (either postcode or IP address of where the email was opened) using the most simple maps interface that you’ll ever see.

Here’s how you use it. The feature becomes active on our enterprise accounts when you have a campaign selected in the reporting area. Just click on the small globe icon and you’ll be whisked into the “Geomap” screen:

From here, it’s simple. Hold ‘shift’ and draw a box around an area on the map. Let go and you’ve just selected the recipients for you next targeted campaign. Easy!

Segmenting by location makes it easy to very quickly target your communications at a geographic crowd with a specific and relevant message.

We actually built this in partnership with one particular ecommerce customer who, despite being a global hair and beauty etailer, was still based out of one central London salon. Every Christmas they would ask us to do a data extract from their site of everyone in London area to invite them to visit for a seasonal beverage.

This would occupy one member of the tech team as well as one from the database team, so we thought why not simply let our client draw around they area and select the users that way.. simple!

This pretty much sums our product development ethos.

Drinking our own segmentation

At dotMailer, we use geomap segmentation to let customers know about forthcoming regional events run to support our offices in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. So whether you knew it or not, there’s a good chance you’ve been enjoying the benefits of geo-segmentation already!

How do we do this, I hear you ask! While we’d encourage you to get appropriate data from your recipients when they sign up, we know it isn’t always practical. But that doesn’t restrict your use of geo-segmentation as we can also select relevant contacts based on the location of their IP address.

If you do have the postcodes, then so much the better as this information can be used to check the accuracy of the IP address.

Mix it up

Geo-segmentation becomes even more useful when used alongside other segmentation features to define your audience based on behavioural factors. Maybe you only want to send to those in London who haven’t opened a particular email. Or perhaps you just want 30 to 35 year old females near Edinburgh.


So get out there, log in and see what you can do. We’re always on the look out for feedback and can’t wait to hear your suggestions as to how it might be improved.