Under The Bonnet Of 20 Of The UK’s Leading Ecommerce Sites

By Cliff Guy

dotMailer’s sister company, dotCommerce – specialists in providing ecommerce solutions – released a cracking new benchmark report at the end of last week.

Called Hitting the Checkout, it’s an under the bonnet expose of the ecommerce sites of 20 of the UK’s top brand online retailers – from Asda to Tesco and from Amazon.co.uk to Virgin Vie at Home.

This is really great reading for anyone who sells directly online, or is considering the option.

Recent forecasts by the Experian/Paypal UK Online Retail Report 2009 show that UK online retail sales are set to grow by up to 137% or £12.3bn, by the end of 2011.

So online selling along with email marketing clearly represent an enormous opportunity for businesses with a product or service to sell.

What’s so surprising is that this report finds most of the major online sellers are not exploiting the opportunity anywhere near as fully as they could be.

Top of the league table in the report are the online shopping sites of Marks and Spencer, followed by John Lewis. At the bottom of the table are Avon, the Fragrance Shop and Vie at Home – three beauty sector sites that unlike their customers, are not yet making the best of themselves.

When it comes to ecommerce sites, it seems beauty is more than skin deep.

Download the full Hitting the Checkout report here.

It’s packed with screen shots, eye-opening examples and over 130 best practice guidelines and tips for digital marketers.

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