The Paperchase card that keeps on giving

With an innovative range of unique greetings cards and design-led stationery, Paperchase has earned itself a rightful place in the hearts of UK consumers. While there appears to be a steady influx of new competition from online entrants, the company shows no signs of slowing down: it recently opened stores in wider Europe as well as the Middle East.

Paperchase’s strong presence on the British high street places the brand in an enviable position to harness the potential of omnichannel retail. And it has done just that with its Treat Me loyalty program, which was launched back in 2015.

Treat Me is a free-to-join loyalty scheme that doesn’t involve collecting points. Instead, cardholders can enjoy year-round benefits including free next-day delivery upgrades, birthday surprises and money-off vouchers for transactions over a certain spend. Not only is it great for Paperchase customers but it’s a smart initiative for the company, too. Treat Me is enabling Paperchase to connect offline and online purchases – and the results have been outstanding.

More than two million people have signed up to the loyalty program since its inception. Customers can pick up a Treat Me card in store by providing some basic details, such as name and email address, and then they’re encouraged to go online to activate it. Paperchase uses email to deliver a welcome message with an activation reminder, along with a limited-time 15% discount voucher to use in store and online.

Paperchase’s welcome email

In fact, email marketing automation is at the crux of the brand’s loyalty scheme. Those who have yet to activate the card after the initial sign-up receive a follow-up email 13 days later, and customers who’ve activated but not claimed their discount are sent an expiry reminder. Paperchase also uses email to congratulate customers on their birthdays and to deliver reward notifications when a customer spends £50 or more.

Unwrapping the results

The triumph of Treat Me is undeniable. Around a third of in-store transactions and quarter of online purchases are now processed with a Treat Me card.

The real bonus is that its introduction has also delivered cold hard cash, with a noticeable increase in like-for-like store sales since 2015. We know that existing customers are often the most loyal and valuable, and this is certainly proven in Paperchase’s result: Treat Me customers have a substantially higher Average Transaction Value (or AOV).

Puja Gokani, who’s Assistant Online Marketing Manager at Paperchase, explains more about the scheme’s success:

“Treat Me has exceeded our expectations – it’s been great to see just how many customers out there are so engaged with the program. Email has been the key mechanic for our program; by driving the customer data into dotmailer, we’re able to communicate with our customers as soon as they spend (or don’t!) both online and in-store, and then message them accordingly. The highlight for me is to see that our customers have rated their Treat Me shopping experience satisfaction as 99% in-store!”

Congratulations to Paperchase for recognizing the importance of loyalty and for reaping the rewards. You can find out more about its Treat Me scheme here.

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