My top ten dotmailer hidden gems

Get more out of your ESP and give your campaigns that crucial edge!

As a Senior Account Manager, I’m often asked by clients how they can optimize their use of the platform to save time, gain insight, and work smarter. There are so many little gems in the platform waiting to be discovered, and many of them can prove powerful for your email marketing. However, some might be missed by the untrained eye, so this post is all about shedding some light on what the platform can do for you, and unearthing hidden treasures.

Making small, optimizing changes to how you work with dotmailer can have a huge impact. The features I’d like to share with you never fail to surprise my clients; they could really benefit from using them, but either they don’t know they are there, or aren’t sure how to leverage the tools.

Often as Account Managers, we highlight the new features we’re releasing and forget to shout about what the platform already offers that customers can use right now! In this list, all bar the landing pages can be used by all of our clients right this second. You can find out more about how to leverage these tools by clicking on their links, which will take you through to the relevant Support pages. Let’s take a look!

1. Link Grouping

  • This feature can be used to collect inferred preferences and interests.
  • Find out what content is performing the best and the worst.
  • Use it to create segments and enroll contacts into programs.
  • Get time back to work on other areas of your strategy.

2. Campaign Tagging

  • Compare the performance of different types of campaigns and audiences.
  • Get deeper insight into what you are sending and who you are sending to.
  • Use tags to create a time frame filter and master send time optimization.

3. Landing pages

This feature is available as an add-on.

  • Quickly and easily design a branded landing page without the need for designers, developers, or HTML wizardry.
  • Collect preferences within an email instead of taking them to a separate form by using it as a splash page/ tracking for a click through.
  • Use customer data and dynamic images to create personalized landing pages for each customer.

4. Random sample

  • Create truly random control groups for testing purposes.
  • Split test more intelligently and get better insight with 50/50 address book split samples.

5. Domain reporting

  • Gain insight into which domains you are sending to the most and the least.
  • Monitor your deliverability with specific ISPs – particularly useful as many historic ISPs are closing down.

6. Dynamic subject line

  • Make the first touch-point of the email even more relevant.
  • Change the subject line based on information you hold on your recipients.
  • Boast your intelligent and targeted content right from the inbox preview.
  • Increase your open rates and boost customer satisfaction.

7. End nodes/ naming end nodes

  • Get specific data on where people have exited in the program or what journey they took.
  • Find out if your campaigns are having the impact you want them to.
  • Learn more about the types of people that open your emails and their behaviors.

8. Restore

Restores a campaign to its former glory in the event of:

  • Accidental deletion
  • A series of bad changes
  • A technical glitch
  • Exiting the platform without saving

9. My building blocks

  • Create your own reusable content blocks.
  • Save time by dragging and dropping your saved blocks.
  • Create consistency between users and ensure that each email is on brand and mobile optimized.

10. Charts in reporting

  •  Compare activity across campaigns for specific metrics in a more visual way.
  • Get a better idea of how your strategy is progressing week to week, month to month.

All of the above features are ready to go to work for you so that you can produce faster, smarter, email marketing campaigns that drive better revenue. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring the platform, and be safe in the knowledge that your dedicated Account Manager will always be on hand to help you.

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