Top 4 Tips To Create Top-Selling HTML Email Templates

Recently html email templates have become reliable email marketing tools which can help your business achieve maximum results. Email communication can maintain your brand identity and trigger brand awareness provided you use it wisely. Thanks to numerous web development companies you can now choose from a variety of attractive, creative pre-designed email templates or build and customise your own email templates. But when choosing the latter option you need to be careful with your template design. Here are a number of tips to follow if you want to create top-selling email templates.

1. Get to the point quickly

The typical user is probably not waiting for your email to arrive as they already have hundreds of other emails piled up in their inbox. So when your email does arrive, make sure it doesn’t waste their time. Your html email templates need to get the reader to the point quickly instead of burying the value under a mountain of greetings and headers with hilarious photos. To entice the reader you need to figure out why someone would want your email and then give them what they want.

2. Send relevant information

Even if you have met your legal obligations and have the explicit permission of your recipients, they don’t necessarily want to read your emails. Most of them might have already agreed to receive special discounts on an item only to get endless advertisements for different items from the same company. That’s why it’s vital that you send only valuable, relevant information to your subscribers in html email templates. It’s also better not to send information to everyone on your list just because you can. Instead consider carefully whether the information is useful to them and what they expect from you.

3. Include plain text versions

Some people just don’t like HTML in their emails because they might be using older systems, or their system can be locked down and they just can’t view HTML. If you provide a plain text alternative to every email in your html email templates, the reader’s email server or program can choose which version to display. Plain text can be hard to read, so it’s vital to spend some time making it scannable and useful.

4. Use images wisely

In most email clients, your images may not be shown by default and readers then have to click a link or button to download and display them. No matter how perfect your images are they may have no impact or even a negative impact on the success of your email. Many people just might not realize they can choose to show images and some just won’t bother. To avoid that, you need to always ensure that your email has HTML text as well as plain text. You can also avoid using images for important content such as headlines, links and calls to action. It’s likewise better to test the design of your html email templates with images turned off before sending.

Email templates are a great extension to the communication toolkit of your business and offer you and your clients an excellent channel by which you can reach potential and existing customers. You can get html email templates designed in your website style with the company branding including your own images and logos that you can use for regular e-mail newsletters, general e-mail correspondence with your clients and e-mail promotions to your customers.

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