This Weekend I Got To Alpha Test DotMailer’s New ‘Drag & Drop’ Database Query Tool

Almost a year ago to the week, I posted a blog on here entitled ‘I think I just saved myself half a day of work’ (yes I was younger then but my memory’s still good)

I’d just put together my very first campaign using dotMailer’s brand new beta release of our drag & drop EasyEditor, and I was feeling a glow.

Everyone who’s used our drag & drop EasyEditor since its beta release last year will recognise that glowing feeling. It’s just so nice… and quick… and easy to use.

The big query

So a year on, and a group of our Developers have been working cleverly to apply the speed and ease-ability of our new email template editor, to database query building (no such word as ‘ease-ability, I know, but hey – there was no such word as ‘unfollow’ 2 years ago!)

The objective: to make it really nice and quick and easy for email marketers to query and segment their data for super-targeted email campaigns.

This weekend I got to try out the new drag & drop query builder in dotMailer. It’s in closed alpha testing at the moment, but I got myself a special login so I could start playing and testing.

And guess what – I’m glowing again.

“Give me everyone who…”

Be honest now. Building database queries for targeted email marketing can be a bit stressful.

It takes a certain kind of mind to visualise logic statements and recreate them in query tools (remembering where and when to put your ‘ands’ and ‘ors’ and your ‘nests’). The query tools in some apps I’ve used have frankly made this a hopeless task.

The good news is that this new drag & drop query builder is going to make all that stress go away.

Check this out: As a starter I set out to build this database query in our new query tool;

“Give me everyone who is a current Platinum client, has purchased in the last 10 days, has not been sent any of this month’s January Sale promotions, or hasn’t opened any of our email campaigns in January”.


Quite a complex and tricky query by everyday standards, but it took me less than 5 minutes to build in dotMailer, just by dragging the elements of the query onto the page, and customising them.

I love this because the new query tool takes a highly visual approach to segmenting data.

It makes query building much more intuitive than traditional query tools, and so much less like a Maths exam.

If you’re interested in helping us test and hone dotMailer’s new query builder then you can apply to become a dotMailer Test Pilot.

Watch this blog for more news of the drag & drop query builder, and news of the full, out-of-beta release of our drag & drop EasyEditor.


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