100 marketers discovered the true value of landing pages. And so can you.

Did you know that a good landing page can lift conversions by as much as 300%? A couple of weeks ago, more than a 100 marketers discovered how optimized landing pages can drive sales, deliver leads and yield a high ROI at our ‘Getting the Most From Your Landing Pages’ seminar.

The breakfast event took place at our London Bridge HQ, with speakers including dotdigital’s Channel Relationship Manager Matt McClelland, Marketing Director Phil Draper and Client Services Director Skip Fidura.

One of the attendees, a dotdigital client, took some time to let us know how it went at the end of the seminar: “The thing I’m going to take away from this event is to investigate dotdigital’s landing page and forms tool, as well as the potential to create them myself now I know how important they are.”

There were three key themes covered by our speakers, which touched on everything from production to testing:

Prepare for landing

Has a lack of resource led to you sending a campaign to an existing page that wasn’t 100% relevant? Matt reinforced the significance of landing pages as part of the customer journey and the all-important path to conversion. What’s more, he revealed how it’s easier than you think to create them with dotdigital’s landing pages tool.

Types of landing page

If you’re constantly bombarded with requests for new landing pages, Phil’s section was definitely a useful reference point. He identified a number of landing page types and, more notably, used his design expertise to explain how to make each one as effective as possible.

The perfect landing page

How to craft the perfect landing page. Isn’t that the million dollar question? Luckily Skip was on hand to share his knowledge on the subject. The real answer is it’s all about A/B testing, with a clear hypothesis and limited variables, to help you learn and perfect the right landing page formula for your business.

If you want to hear about upcoming dotdigital events, check out our events calendar. We’d love to see you.

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