Engagement Cloud | CPaaS: The story behind the rebrand

Engagement Cloud | CPaaS: The customer engagement platform built for powerful omnichannel communication

As many of you know, the dotdigital Group PLC successfully completed its acquisition of Comapi in November 2017 so that together, we could power omnichannel experiences for more businesses than ever before, delighting consumers globally. Following years of unprecedented growth – both ours and our customers’ – we realised that our name and logo didn’t reflect the value we can now deliver.

With dotdigital’s market-leading automation platform, and Comapi’s powerful API’s and CPaaS portal, we knew bringing the two offerings closer together would only lead to more opportunity and success for our customers.

We’re therefore proud and excited to reveal that we have rebranded as dotdigital Engagement Cloud | CPaaS.

What does this mean for our customers?

Nothing will change for day-to-day operations. Customer’s can log-in to the portal in the same way they always have, and access all of the same functionality, including omnichannel two-way real-time communications. But more importantly, with our offerings combined under the dotdigital Engagement Cloud, we’ll be able to offer broader services in the future to come.

Our relationship with our customers continues to be of the utmost importance, so as ever, we are happy to hear about any questions you may have about this exciting re-brand. Simply use the webchat or pop us an email.

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS stands for communications platforms as a service. It’s simply the term for the omnichannel service that we offer, which our clients have over the years used to effectively and securely communicate, streamline their operations, generate more revenue, adapt quickly to changes in technology or consumer habits, and cut costs. The difference is that now, these services exists as one branch of the dotdigital Engagement Cloud.

What is the Engagement Cloud?

The dotdigital Engagement Cloud is the product available from dotdigital which includes our CPaaS, and also other branches of marketing and intelligence services that you may find useful and relevant to your business.

What’s happening to Comapi?

We’re the same team of dedicated experts as before. We’ll continue to bring you exceptional experiences. Except now, we’ve teamed up with market-leading experts in automation to bring you more expertise and services than ever before, and our team name is the dotdigital Engagement Cloud.

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