The latest dotdigital upgrade (and a note on responsive web design)

If you’ve been reading our recent posts on good design (and if not, why not?) you’ll have noticed we take the topic pretty seriously. It fuels the way we approach new challenges –including dotsurvey, our next big release – and allows us to take customer feedback and use it to improve the design of current products.

This brings us nicely to one of the latest upgrades to the dotdigital interface. The biggest change in this upgrade is the introduction of something called “responsive web design”. What this means is that the dotdigial web app will now respond to your screen size dynamically, adjusting to keep the interface as easy to use as possible.

How does the more responsive dotdigital work?

Using some nifty CSS3 in the background, the site intelligently juggles two style sheets – one for large screens above 1280 px (generally desktops) and another for screens under this threshold, which for the most part means laptops.

Because of this distinction, we can tell the app to serve you a more balanced layout for your specific screen size. For example, in the campaign creation process, we can ensure you don’t end up with a comically wide page if you’re rocking a giant monitor.

As a result, we can also make sure that important buttons like ‘save & continue’ or ‘back’ don’t end up miles away from the main content, a common frustrating quirk with web apps on larger monitors.

Go mobile

Another key benefit of responsive design is the ability to cater for mobile platforms too. When on a mobile device, a responsive layout can serve an optimised version that displays content prioritised for a mobile experience, omitting the content that is not needed on a small screen. The mobile experience is something we’ll be focusing on enhancing for all our products in the near future.

Responsive design is not just for websites and webapps though. You can use it on email campaigns too and with more people accessing their email from mobile devices, it makes sense to have a campaign design optimised for both desktop and mobile.

Watch out for an email specific responsive design post coming from Tom and Kate soon!

Other dotdigital tweaks and improvements

And the changes will keep coming. Call us perfectionists, but dotdigital products are never “done” – we’ll keep evolving them over and over again, whether that means leaps forward like the EasyEditor or subtler, behind the scenes tweaking.

For a list of other recent improvements, check out this post on our support page.

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