The email marketing Christmas wishlist

Tips and checklist for holiday marketing

With the advent of the holiday season upon us, we thought we’d present you with an early present.

Our top tips will help make it nice and easy for you to make it nice and easy for your customers to spend more money on your site.

We hope they help….

1. On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…a personalized email

It’s the season’s must-have gift: an email with their name on it. Just because it’s the holiday season, you don’t have to use a scatter-gun approach and send the same email to every single customer. Use your data to personalize emails based on past purchase or behavior.

2. The gift they’ve always wanted

Help do their gift shopping for them by including a list for ideas. Include categories like Gifts For Him, For Her and so on. Announce new guides to your subscriber list. Incorporate the list into every email template: holiday offers, transactional messages and abandoned cart emails.

3. It’s beginning to look a lot like a lot to remember

It is a busy time of the year. Just make sure to check everything off our checklist, and you’ll have a happy, healthy and wealthy holiday season:

Reports: Prepare your campaign tracking reports.  Thoroughly understand your metrics now.

Gift cards:  If shopping and shipping time is tight, increase the prominence of purchasing a gift card.  State the expiration date clearly.

Subject lines:  Copy the writing styles that performed best in 2013. Write your subject lines now.  Include multiple versions for testing.

Delivery dates: List deadlines based on shipping methods and carriers (include international shipping).  Create a tone of urgency by emphasizing ‘X number of days left for arrival by Christmas’.

Presentation:  Pay attention to details. It might be a creative design that showcases the personalized message from the giver or gift-wrap. Do not forget to omit any reference to cost.

Logo: Google are famous for playing with their logo and making it relevant to dates, events, etc. Get yours in the holiday spirit by sprucing it up.

Re-mail: Exclude subscribers who have purchased from the first mailing. Monitor unsubscribes and complaints rates from previous re-mail tactics to determine the impact of mailing to those that didn’t open the first mailing.

Returns:  Examine top reasons for returns last year, so you can minimize returns this year. For your most popular items, add product selection guides, detailed descriptions, etc.

Social:  Feature gift ideas and promotions in the social channels most used by your target audience.  Encourage shoppers to Pin items they would like as a gift.

Oh, and happy New Year!

As a high traffic season, it’s your opportunity to increase your subscriber list for 2015.  Build brand and customer loyalty by offering an incentive to subscribe to your emails along with an easy sign-up field on your homepage.

Test your promotions, subject lines, delivery times, creative layouts, call-to-action, etc. to ensure your 2015 campaigns start with proven results.

Many gift card recipients will be new customers.  Along with an easy redemption process, be sure to welcome them to your brand and invite them to subscribe to your offers.

Jump on post-Christmas consumer spending with a campaign to come back and purchase for yourself what you wish you got for the holidays.  (Actually, you can start this on December 26th.).

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