The curse of the cr*p infographic

I can’t seem to enjoy Twitter nowadays without seeing someone share a ‘totally awesome infographic’.

The trouble is, although I have come across some inspiring, well-designed and coherent examples, there are also an awful lot of sub-standard ones doing the rounds.

An infographic is supposed to channel information in a visually attractive way. To make the consumption of complex information fun for the reader.

But some of the bad examples are so higgledy-piggledy that they’re more bewildering than insightful; they explain ideas so simple that they really don’t require an infographic at all, and they quote data without providing any sources. Useless.

If you’ve considered creating an infographic then here’s a quick checklist that should help you to craft a data driven, non fluffy and articulate creation that your audience will actually value.

It’s all about the data

Infographics are for communicating data. A ‘how to’ post livened up with a few graphics and then turned into a jpeg is NOT an infographic! Want an example? This is NOT an infographic.

Clarity is key:

An infographic should lead the reader from introduction to conclusion or and should help to answer or comprehend a question or problem.

Before you publish your infographic ask yourself the following:

  • Is it chaotic? 
  • Is it saying enough?
  • Is there too much going on?
  • Where does it start? Where does it finish? Is this obvious?

Once you’ve asked yourself, ask someone else who’s not been involved in its creation for their feedback; they’ll give you the real verdict.

Cite Sources:

Data sources for every stat and fact should be cited. Many choose to reveal their sources in a footer or footnote simply by putting an asterisk by the data and then at the bottom of the page along with links and/or proof. This gives your readers the chance to explore the information further if they want to and adds real value to your content.

Finally, getting a really good designer on this project will make all the difference.

Got your own infographic rant to share? Feel free to vent or share any horrors you’ve been sent below!

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