What Happened When dotMailer’s Research Team Went Online Shopping On 40 Different Sites?

Want to know just how well (or badly) some of the world’s top online retailers use email – during and after an online purchase?

We wanted to know too. So we went online shopping with 40 of them.

To find out what we discovered, you can download dotMailer’s brand new online retail benchmark report.

It’s the sister paper to our Hitting The Mark 2013 benchmark report, and exposes the best and worst of retailers’ email marketing through the online purchase journey, so you can level the playing field.

email through the purchase journey cover

dotMailer’s latest research paper shows you:

  • 8 of the best and worst campaigns that leading brands sent during the purchase journey
  • The 5 milestones of purchase and transactional email marketing which every online retailer should know
  • How successful online retailers are most effectively recovering dropped carts and abandoned browse sessions
  • The easily-rectifiable mistake that most brands are making
  • PLUS 5 checklists to compare your own campaigns against

The report is available now and includes exclusive research, graphs, stats, best practice and examples of the coolest tactics that brands are using.

Now that’s what I call retail therapy.

Here’s that download link again.