The Attack Of The Killer Shoes

By Cliff Guy

On a seemingly normal day in November, one of dotMailer’s email marketing clients sent an email campaign through dotMailer to an email list of 88 opted-in contacts which then showed a staggering 9,000 number of opens.

How can they have done such a thing?

Well mentioning no names, our client – a much admired designer shoe label – followed one of the number 1 golden rules of marketing – make them an offer they can’t resist. Who could resist? No-one, it seemed. And the power of email marketing meant one click of the forward button sent this offer truly viral.

Our viral specialists leapt into action. What had caused the spectacular success of this tiny campaign? How could we help all our clients’ emails do the same?

The diagnosis was clear:

1. The offer was so great that everyone who saw it wanted to tell other people. (the chance to get first dibs at this prestigious designer shoe sample sale).
2. The offer was presented as an invitation to a private event – so the recipients wanted to share it because it made them look ‘in the know’.
3. By offering them something to sign up to, they collected the viral recipients’ data and grew their databases, closing the loop.

This wasn’t the first time a dotMailer email had gone viral – but it is our most instantly contagious so far. If there’s a cure for this, I don’t need it!

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