Talking Digital With The London Chamber Of Commerce

Having just floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and on the verge of launching some amazing new products, we do sometimes have to pinch ourselves when we think of how it all started. After all, we were just a few friends operating out of a small office above anestate agent’s eleven years ago!

Another pleasant reminder of how far we’ve come came recently when myself and Simon Bird – another dotDigital Group founder – were invited to a London Chamber of Commerce lunch as guests of honour – a  great privilege!

In a nice informal setting (sofas!) we were grilled on digital marketing and how it has helped us grow our own business. Colin Sandbridge, CEO of the Chamber, did a great job on the questioning, focusing the interview around some brilliant questions as well as bringing in ideas from the audience.


Making digital work

Of course, there were plenty of questions afterwards too with many of the attendees looking for advice on how best to replicate our success. I hope we left them feeling better prepared to embrace the digital world and make it work for their business.

Of course you’re going to say digital works, I hear you say, you run a digital marketing company! You’d be right. But digital marketing is genuinely one of the biggest reasons we are where we are. We eat our own dog food, making the most of PPC, SEO, email marketing and the other technologies, creative skills and strategies we’ve developed.


The question on everyone’s lips

One of the most popular questions was: “what is your number one tip when building a website?” The answer is actually very straightforward.

Many people build their website, launch it and then come and ask us about helping them with their search engine rankings.

Quality SEO can take time, and whilst it’s never too late, you will have delayed the results considerably and worst case the site itself may not be have been built with appropriate optimisations in mind.

Therefore I can’t emphasise the importance of this scoping phase highly enough. And if you don’t feel confident doing it on your own, get help.


Leading by example

Many of you will already have heard about the soon-to-launch beta version of our new survey tool, dotSurvey. The tool has been around 12 months in the making, not a slight undertaking!

On the upside, this has given us plenty of warning and our marketing team has been busy building a beautiful marketing site stacked full of information on the features and benefits our this new tool.

In the meantime our search team has been just a busy putting together a quick microsite on our new dotSurvey domain. While not pretty as we would like, this micro site enabled us to spend a little PPC budget judging the best keywords and gaining some organic optimisation months before the launch of the final thing.

All this means that by the time the product and marketing site is launched we will be well on our way to the top keyword rankingswe wanted to achieve.

Back to the event all in all, it was a great day filled with some excellent conversations.

Not bad for a couple of chaps from Croydon!

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