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How post-purchase marketing can drive customer delight

Post-purchase marketing can spur continued engagement, lifelong loyalty, and customer delight. In this blog we deliver deeper into the benefits of aftersales marketing.

Post-sale email marketing – how to dramatically increase your ROI

Post-sale email marketing is about extending the value of the customer experience. Find out which tactics will help you drive more engagement, revenue, and loyalty.

How to keep the conversation going post-purchase

You’ve made it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day, (maybe even Boxing Day and New Year’s sales by the time you’ve read this) and got yourself a whole lot of new customers – wohoo! With such…

How to plan out your post purchase program

Post-purchase communication is an essential part of any retailer’s marketing and customer retention strategy. Understanding the psychology behind customer behavior can reveal important opportunities within the customer journey. Marketers can use this information to increase the levels…

These five email programs will make you stand out in the inbox

So, you’ve made the decision to take on an ecommerce connector using Commerce Flow or Magento, for instance; it’s all hooked up with dotdigital Engagement Cloud and ready to go. What next? As with all data-driven marketing, your…

Leverage your brand heritage to power post-purchase automation: how Grenson got it right

For many businesses, heritage and background are what make them a firm favorite in consumers’ hearts. Legacy builds the foundations for brand identity, personality and trust; these qualities are fundamental for retailers in a crowded market. Today,…

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