T.M. Lewin’s seamless journey, from proposal to handover

"Throughout the pitch and integration, dotmailer offered us the perfect blend of simple UI, expert technicians and brilliant tacticians to help us map out our world and our future ambitions." 

Earlier this year T.M. Lewin joined the dotdigital family. We are delighted to have them! They had an incredibly unique and large scope onboarding. It involved both Enterprise Onboarding and Abandoned Cart Onboarding services and required extensive involvement from the Professional Services and Customer Success teams. This included myself (Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) – Onboarding and Managed Services, Custom Technical Solutions, Deliverability, Creative Services and 3rd line Support.

This was an enjoyable project, especially with the relaxed, motivated vibe we experienced with the T.M. Lewin team. We pulled together, knew what needed to be done and when it needed to be done. Communication internally and externally was clear, hence we had set goals to strive towards.

I joined one of the final pitches with Sales. From an onboarding perspective, I feel this really helped the client understand how we work. Plus, it provided them with a great experience to meet the long-term team before signing on. We covered at top-level how we work and how other teams would be involved. We outlined what a project plan would look like with an onboarding of this size.

Overall, our involvement in those pitches, as part of the longer-term team, helped us set clear expectations, develop cross-departmental timelines and ascertain who the points of contact were for certain queries.

Enterprise Onboarding

Essentially, this is a more complex onboarding process across a longer timescale. It involves frequent contact with a designated DMS (weekly catch-ups etc.). It also involves more support and guidance from the Key Account Management team. T.M. Lewin came on board as a Key Account client, and they were delighted with how the whole process went.

Abandoned Cart Onboarding

Separate, yet similar to general onboarding; your DMS will work with dotdigital 3rd line and your developer/agency to implement this product. It involves more technical heads and can take longer to implement. This is because every ecommerce platform behaves differently. Find out more about Abandoned Cart onboarding and who and what’s involved, by looking at this overview for the marketeer.

Testimonial from Richard Jones, Head of CRM at T.M. Lewin

When we were looking for our new ESP, we needed a flexible platform that allowed us to access the power within our data; simply, quickly and effectively. Our old platform was clunky, rigid and slow. Not ideal when you’ve got big ambitions.

Throughout the pitch and integration, dotdigital – both as a platform and a team – offered us the perfect blend of simple UI, expert technicians and brilliant tacticians. This helped us map out our world and our future ambitions.

Across every point, from data integration, onboarding and the first steps towards a new, fully automated, scientifically fluid world. They’ve been proactive, warm and brilliant.

The T.M. Lewin team is small, not particularly technical, but still brilliant. We needed a fair amount of hand holding through the onboarding. dotdigital’s expertise, response times and the simplicity of advice they’ve offered, particularly Shan (DMS), Ross (Key Account Management) and Darryl (Head of Custom Technical Solutions) has been integral to getting us up to speed. So there wasn’t a single road bump. Impressive.

In a nutshell…

This onboarding was a great experience for myself and the various teams involved. We had a lot of opportunities to test our knowledge and gained some really useful insight and information. Especially from a more technical perspective.

Getting involved in the technical scope and implementation has been a joy. Most importantly, I have to thank David Gibbon and Boris Maslennikov in particular. Certainly, is expertise helped guide what was an unusually structured project.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at T.M. Lewin’s existing customer journeys, scoping out new ones and seeing how we can use insight data to refine the user experience. Given the chance, I’d definitely onboard these guys again.

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