New Feature: Survey Responses Emailed To You

This week’s awesome platform update, is brought to you by Michael Duxbury, our Head of Product Delivery.

If you’ve ever used our surveys and forms tool, you’ll know that you can get emailed every time you get a new response. You’ll also probably have thought those emails were pretty…basic. And a lot of you used our forum to tell us that you’d love to have the response itself included in the email.

email response survey

Well, we listened. From today, you can choose to have responses emailed direct to your inbox. It doesn’t matter if your survey is one or 30 pages long, contains a text box or half a dozen Likerts – you’ll get everything without having to log in. We’ll even tell you what address book the response has been added to if you’re using data mapping.

What’s more, you can also choose to get the response emailed back to your respondent – so they have a record of what they sent you.

You can find all these options on the Settings step when creating a new survey.

If you’ve any questions or comments on the new Survey Response feature, please let us know in the comments, or by tweeting @dotmailer!