The Surprising Thing About Email Marketing Subject Lines…

Vanilla. That’s the word that most often comes to mind when I scroll through the email marketing messages in my inbox. Too many safe and predictable subject lines.

Let me in…

A user’s email inbox is a personal space – whether it’s their work place inbox or their personal inbox. When that user gives us access to that space as email marketers, they are inviting us to rub shoulders with their friends, family, colleagues and bosses as well as other brands.

It’s a busy room! And it can be a fatal mistake to take our visibility in that space for granted.

Here’s where our email subject line comes into play. Because the subject line is our moment as brands to stand out in the inbox, to grab attention, to resonate with the reader and to SURPRISE.

Is this how your readers react?

So how do you write surprising subject lines that resonate?

First off, why not look at the things in life that generally take us by surprise and see how we could use this to inspire our subject lines?

Here’s an example:

●      Something unexpected – whether it is a mouse running across the floor or someone jumping out from behind a tree, the unexpected is always by definition, surprising.

●      Above and beyond – usually the best surprises giving you something more than you were hoping for.

●      Something different to the norm – you don’t have to make every subject line and email message a surprise – just do it now and again. Lure your readers into a false sense of security and then surprise them.

●      Something different to the others – if you know every single one of your competitors will be sending out messages piggy backing off the Olympics, then why don’t you do the opposite, just to stand out?

Of course the thing about surprises is that they only work once.

But once you get in mind set of being continually creative with your subject lines you might even surprise yourself by how easy it becomes.

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