A Superior Way To Manage Your Email Campaign Images

In tonight’s product update, we introduced our new image manager and side-panel in EasyEditor. Together, they provide a superior way to upload and organise your images: uploading, moving, renaming, cropping – you name it, it’s now easier and faster and, yes, cooler.

Firstly: the number one thing you’ve all been asking for in our forums was the ability to remove images directly from EasyEditor.  We heard you, and now all it takes to remove an image is to drag it into the bin.

We’ve done more than that though – a lot more.

We’ve totally reimagined how images work, and given it all a shiny new make-over.  Paolo Cattaneo, our User Experience Designer on the project, says, “We knew we had two types of user: we had those who wanted to have control over their images, and those who were just too busy to spend time organising their library. We came up with a system that self-organises – by batching your uploads by date automatically – but that also allows effortless image management through natural actions such as dragging to move, double-clicking to rename and so on”.

The dotMailer Image Manager

We also now show thumbnails of images, rather than image names.  Paolo says, “Lots of images – especially those from digital cameras – get uploaded with rather cryptic, horribly long filenames. Finding what you wanted previously from a list of these wasn’t much fun. We were keen to show the images themselves – but we’ve also introduced a search, to help you home in on what you’re after”.

Not only does it look nicer, but it’s quicker, too.  Some of our users have over 20,000 images, so we’ve spent a lot of effort ensuring things are snappy.  In addition, uploading images is also faster – not least as you can now drag images from your desktop straight into the image side-panel. No pesky dialogs to slow you down!

The EasyEditor image panel

Not all browsers are equal

As a B2B tool, we have to support a large number of browsers – but this sometimes means we can’t offer the same functionality to everyone.  Drag-and-drop file uploads require HTML5, for which you’ll need Chrome or Firefox. IE8 and below are generally significantly slower than the latest browsers, which means we’ll show you your images in smaller batches if you’re using one of these. There are other, more cosmetic differences caused by older browsers. If you can, we recommend updating your browser to its latest version.

Help and support

For more information and some usage tips, head over to our knowledge base.

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