Want to supercharge your CRM? Messaging is the solution

Your CRM can be a complex and expensive beast. But when used correctly, it’s also one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Leveraging powerful APIs for your CRM

The best model is when your CRM runs effortlessly. You can achieve this with API plug-ins that do the hard work and heavy lifting for you. This saves chasing sales people to update entries, or persuading customer service reps to duplicate the fields they are filling in to disparate systems. Best of all, it means your customers remain known, no matter the channel they are using to contact you on, resulting in more efficient and effective communication that supports, engages and converts. Luckily, there is a way to get your CRM running like the well-oiled machine it was always meant to be. And messaging holds the key.

Messaging in real-time

Real-time messaging can have a number of advantages for the running of your CRM. Here’s a few examples:

  • use automated alerts, reminders and notifications (ARN) to guide your customers through their post-sale buying journey to provide an exceptional (but expected) customer experience
  • update your CRM in real-time by integrating communications immediately into the system. This means customer service reps and sales agents can see at a glance what communications have gone out, and what conversations have been had
  • send ARN messages to your staff when key accounts need urgent intervention.

All of these scenarios are dependent on real-time messaging. Even a delay of a minute or two could have serious ramifications for your business otherwise, with crossed wires, or collapse of other automated systems.

Leveraging your CRM for messaging with webhooks

This can also work in the reverse. As much as you can use messaging to supercharge your CRM, a good API provider will also allow you to leverage webhooks. This way you can supercharge and effortlessly segment and personalise your messaging too.

The One API 

The One API from Comapi can provide you with seamless integration to your CRM. This will provide real-time data, no matter the channel it is going to or coming from. Whether you are ready for a channel now, or in the future, integrate just once and immediately future-proof your business. As soon as other business channels become available, you will have access to them, giving your CRM superpower, another super edge.

Find out more about the One API, with a demo today

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