Still Not Tracking Email Campaigns?

By Eleanor Workman

As part of the dotDigital Group marketing team I get the opportunity to talk to our clients, prospects and other email marketers several times a year at our email marketing seminars and at the tradeshows we attend.

The dotDigital Group attended the Online Marketing Show last week, a two day event at Olympia. As usual the two days passed in a whirlwind of dotMailer and dotCommerce demo’s, strategy consultations and champagne winners from our augmented reality game but it still surprised me to hear conversations going on around me that people were looking for an email service provider because they were sending email campaigns, for example through Outlook and not able to track the results, as well as risking their own transactional and organisational email and web domains.

The beauty of email is that it is completely trackable. You know how many times your contacts have viewed an email, clicked on any particular link, where they went from there, when they purchased and the volume of sales which can be directly attributed to that particular email marketing campaign.

In years gone by, marketer’s have worked hard on the uphill struggle to prove that advertising and the like have been a success and have directly influenced sales but with email, this is easy, but only if you use a email marketing platform, such as dotMailer, which allows you to track opens, clicks, and ROI.

To not track your email campaigns can only serve to jeopardise your future budget for email campaigns, a channel which we all know continues to prove itself as a revenue generator.

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