Staying Agile – How to Build, Test and Evolve your Email Marketing Automation

Stoo Gill, dotMailer Product Manager returns with another update – and bit more from ‘behind the curtain’ of how we work at dotMailer.

You might wonder how (and why!) we’ve had so many product updates in the past few months, in such relatively short time. This is all part of our ‘Agile Development Culture’ – it guides how we listen to our user base, create new features based on that feedback, release them, test and upgrade over time. The latest dotMailer update is very reflective of that process: it makes it even easier, not only to build great automation programs, but also to test and evolve them over time.

The Perils of ‘Planning too Much’

We’ve all been there: you plan a massively complicated marketing process and with all the revisions and arguments around the content, it’s so out of date by the time you’ve finished that you never actually get round to putting it into action. From that, and other frustrations, was born the agile marketing manifesto and one of its core values: Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns Yes, it would be brilliant to put into place that amazing twenty step welcome program you designed with all its finesse and carefully timed messages. But, you know what would be even better than waiting 8 months for it all to come together? If you Just Do Something.

Using the Program Builder to ‘Just Do Something’

As of last night’s dotMailer update you can use the program builder (currently on Beta release) to not only to craft complex automated series to market to your contacts, but also to grow them over time from the simplest of starts. So you can start by building a one or two step program, let it run, and then next week (or whenever) add another email campaign or other step to the program and set it going again.

Growing automation programs one step at a time in dotMailer's program builder

Growing automation programs one step at a time in dotMailer’s program builder

Create, Test, Adapt

Whereas previously you could only make a small number of changes to your dotMailer automation programs, you can now deactivate a program, add new steps, delete old steps, and completely reroute the program based on what you’ve learnt from using your program so far. This change allows you, the marketer to get something out the door, see how it performs, learn and adapt to grow your marketing automation into something that delivers real value to your customers and to your business.

The Agile mindset is fast moving, more productive and doesn’t get you bogged down into ‘analysis paralysis’, and is pretty much the way we approach product development here at dotMailer. Move away from the Big Bang campaigns of old. Think Big, Start Small, Scale Quickly.

If you’re an existing customer, try out the new feature now while it’s still in open beta. You can also take us for a Test Drive.

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