Spring has sprung: our latest release is here

Our second quarterly release of 2015 gives you a new way to visualize your performance.

Spring: the flowers start blooming, the birds start chirping, we all wonder if it’s still too early to get the barbecue out… and dotmailer ships a new release.

This time we really do have something for everyone, no matter how (or how often) you use dotmailer.

For all the Seasoned Sues

All the Seasoned Sues

If you’re a seasoned user, you no doubt analyze how your campaigns perform. But have you ever wondered how your account, as a whole, is performing? Up until now, that’s been pretty hard to figure out.

That’s now changed: our new reporting dashboard shows you at-a-glance how effective all your campaigns are, what your recipients are doing with them, how many people you’re reaching, and how your lists are growing.

What’s more, you can filter the statistics by tag – so if you only want to compare your newsletters, or your product launch emails, or any other groups that you’ve tagged, you can. Plus, we’ve been recording your data since March 18th, so you already have over a month’s worth to pore over.

Hey there, Organized Ozzie

Organised Ozzie

To help you keep yourself organized, and because tags are now so useful in reporting, we’ve re-written how tags are created. You can also now add tags to campaigns as you create them, to make it super quick. And, because it’s not 1998 any more, we’ve removed the old tag cloud. Apologies if you thought that was our killer feature.

Count on us, Commerce Cath

Commerce Cath

If the phrase “managing an internal SMTP service” makes your eyes glaze over, then this one’s for you.

You know dotmailer helps you send great marketing email – that’s why you use us. But up until now you couldn’t use us to send what’s unglamorously called ‘transactional email’. That’s things like order confirmations, password reminders – essentially, anything that’s a one-to-one communication from you to someone who’s done something (like place an order).

Well, we’ve now taken our email sending engine, re-worked it, given it some love, performed some magic… and hey presto, we can now send your transactional email.

It’s quick (really quick), straightforward and super reliable. You don’t need to know about SMTP servers, you don’t need to worry about deliverability, and you don’t need to speak to your IT team to see who’s opened your email. But you probably do need to simplify your transactional email by giving us a call (we’re actually quite friendly, and we won’t judge you even if you don’t know what SMTP stands for).

We’ve got your back, Tester Tom

Tester Tom

Running split tests on your campaigns is easy. But what if you wanted to really dive deep into the results? Sure, Version A won overall, but did Version B generate more replies? Or more forwards?

Your campaign reports can now tell you this: filtering by a split test will show you all the metrics for your campaign, but only for the version you pick.

Why you need this

Sometimes it’s hard to see a list of features and know what they all mean for you. But we’re here to help you. We have a 24 hour support team, based here in London, that can assist you with all of the above. All paid accounts have a named account manager, and they would genuinely love to talk you through all the new stuff, and how it can help you.

And for the record, it’s never too early to get the barbie out.

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