Some great changes to start the new year off with a bang

If you've been using dotmailer for a while, you’ll know that we like to update the platform every two weeks. And, although we’ll still be doing that, we’re also starting to announce the really big, exciting stuff four times a year (on key dates in winter, spring, summer and autumn).

And today’s update was one of the big ones. We released a lot of new stuff (and brought some other things out of beta). More than anything else you’re probably dying to know what’s new, so I’ll dive straight in:

Smarter, more awesome automation

Of course we’d say this, but we really do think our program builder is pretty darn clever. And the good news is – we’ve just added so much more:

You can now use other tools and services in programs via our new extensions. To get you going, you can send SMSs (via Dynmark, Twilio or dotmailer itself) and create leads in your Salesforce account. You can also write your own extension to do pretty much anything. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll be in touch. [Learn more]

We also have a bunch of new nodes for you to play with: you can now create random splits, competition splits, address book subscriptions, program enrolments, make decisions based on dates and times, update contact data fields, and even add additional exit rules. [Learn more]

Deliver campaigns when your contacts are most likely to engage

Send time optimisation is now available to all (many thanks to our beta testers over the last few months). It takes the pain out of deciding when the best time to send is, as we do all the hard work for you. [Learn more]

Mobile-friendly surveys (and ways to re-engage with survey drop-outs)

If you use our surveys and forms tool, then we have good news for you, too:

All surveys (old and new) now work really well on mobiles and tablets. Yep – they’re mobile responsive at last.

If some or all of your respondents start a survey, but don’t complete it, then you’ll now be able to see the information that they did fill in. This means you can re-engage with them, or even identify (and solve) problem areas in your surveys. [Learn more]

The more insight the better

We’ve made some great improvements to our WebInsight module, too: your visitors can now be identified through forms and not just campaign links, and pages can now pass over custom tags for us to store (which can then be used for segmentation).

Today also saw the launch of SocialInsight – which will look up socially-inspired information on your contacts, and store it within your account. If you’ve ever wanted to find out who your influencers are or see what your contacts are saying socially about your brand, then get in touch. [Learn more]

(Even) better connectors

Our Magento and Salesforce connectors have also been updated. You’ll need to install the new versions to see the changes, but here’s what you’ll get if you do:

For Magento, we’ve added segmentation and loyalty points support for Magento Enterprise, external dynamic content styling, dynamic URLs, multiple subscription support, basket synchronisation for Insight data, and Feefo integration. [Learn more]

For Salesforce, we’ve added the ability for you to view survey responses, WebInsight data and SocialInsight data right inside the CRM. Plus, you’ll be able to view all the engagements made by contacts and add contacts to programs. [Learn more]

More stuff that will make your life better

And if all that wasn’t enough, then you’ll find you can also now:

  • Group your links together, and report on the groups as well as individual links. Links in external dynamic content can also now be grouped and reported on.
  • Get instant (or daily) email notifications when new contacts join your address books.
  • Choose ‘friendly’ reply-to addresses (that use your custom from address), if reply tracking isn’t what you’re after.
  • Adjust line spacing in EasyEditor (we know you all love 1.5 spacing!)


See you in two weeks…

As usual, our next update will be in a couple of weeks. But we’re already looking forward to the next Big One in April – we have some great additions planned, so look out for early betas over the next couple of months!

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