Social networking – more reach, no cost

A massive 78% of the UK online population use social networks and sharing websites like Facebook, Digg, and Reddit, to share and pass on information.

And this means one thing for marketers – OPPORTUNITY.

Get plugged into the social networks

If marketers can get their messages onto social networks and see them passed from friend to friend, the opportunities for extra marketing reach at no extra cost are huge!

And now there is a very simple, cost-free way to do this.

Catch the wave

The unstoppable wave of social networking means that marketers need to make sure they are on top of the latest ways to tap this opportunity.

Email is the perfect vehicle to do this in a way that isn’t intrusive and allows a viral element.

The email marketing message can be shared among friends on networking sites, quickly and easily.

So email provides a way for brands to promote themselves on these ever popular websites, without the message becoming forced.

How to get on the guest list

The advantages for marketers of using social networks to promote their messages are clear.

But this form of viral marketing brings with it, its own challenges. Getting in the door is key.

With social network marketing, your email recipient is on the door, and in control of what they do with your message – share it on Facebook, post it on, or leave it where it is.

So the first challenge for email marketers is to create a powerful, compelling and engaging message that people want to share.

The second challenge is to enable your email marketing messages to have access to the social networks, so they can be effortlessly posted and shared.

Groundbreaking tool, links email marketing with social networks

dotMailer clients now have the ability to easily place and track links from email messages into social networks, and harness the power of these websites to help their email campaigns go viral.

Every email sent using dotMailer can now include links to the bookmarking facility on a range of social networks and sharing websites including Facebook.

So now it is simple for any recipient to share an email with their friends directly through their social network.

Track your message as the word spreads

dotMailer clients have the ability to not only put in place social network links, but also to track them, from email messages through to the networking sites.

The data from these links is then easily fed into the dotMailer reporting suite – allowing marketers to track links clicked in real-time, as well as the number of social network users that viewed the published information.

So now, dotMailer senders can gain unprecedented visibility into how a message is transmitted across the most popular social networks, and analyse how well a viral campaign is working.

The links themselves are easily added to any email message using dotMailer’s simple and intuitive template editing system which then automatically includes all the tracking tools.

New prospects, no charge

The social network tool is invaluable for helping marketers meet another key challenge – the acquisition of new email addresses for their marketing database.

Including a ‘sign-up’ link in the email marketing message means that anyone who sees the email on a social network can then subscribe – adding valuable new recipients to the list.

This is also a useful strategy for seeding a viral marketing campaign – another marketing tactic where email marketing, with these tools enabled, can play a big role.

dotMailer clients can start using this exciting new tool right away, free of charge. For more information and guidance please call the dotMailer team on 0845 337 9170.

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