Social: Are You Fishing In The Right Pond?

If you don’t know where your prospects are hanging out online then your chances of connecting with them are pretty slim.

socialnetworksThe Internet presents some unrivaled opportunities and channels for businesses to harness to engage with prospects, but do you know which pond to cast your net in first?

I know it seems like there’s a new social network or communications tool popping up every other day, we’ve no sooner got to grips with the last one before the latest shiny new-fangled network creeps onto the scene, but it is for this reason that you need to identify where you should be investing your precious time and marketing efforts.

Rather than second guessing where your prospects spend most of their time online, why not just ask?

A survey that simply asks ‘which is your social network of choice?’ can provide you with a good indication of where you should focus your attention. However, why not dig a little deeper and ask visitors to your website:

  • How much time they spend on each network a week
  • Whether they like brands to communicate with them via text/email (if yes, ask for their details!)
  • Which brands they enjoy following on Twitter/Facebook etc. and why?
  • Why they like to follow brands and businesses online – if you can gather this data then you can begin to give your prospects what it is that they want, whether that be discounts, information or competitions.
  • What their social media handles/profiles are – this way you can follow them and try to engage them in conversation on their network of choice.

A survey of this nature can very simply be embedded on your website but to encourage responses you may like to consider incentivising participation with exclusive discounts, competition entries or free downloads.

Of course you could just decide to cast a huge net and show up everywhere online, but do you really have the time, money and resource to waste?

As the title of this post says, fishing in the right ponds is vital to your businesses online success. So make sure they you harness the potential of online surveys to find out which fish are swimming in which pond.

I love to read your thoughts on these posts so please don’t hesitate to share your experiences below

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