Show your email marketing some love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can offer a significant opportunity for online retailers.

With 1 in 3 shoppers heading online in search of the perfect gift for that special someone, and over £986 million spent on gifts (EA Online Marketing), now is the time to schedule some Valentine’s love for your email marketing.

In this blog post we’d like to inspire you with some of our favorite Valentine’s emails, and show you how different brands and different products have hooked onto this season, in different ways. Let’s get your creative juices going in time for your own Valentine’s email campaign this year!

Simple touches Love at first touch

We love this email from Apple. Not only is it sleek, simple and subtle (would you expect anything less from Apple?) but it takes products that don’t particularly shout ‘I love you’ and reframes them so that they are appealing to those looking to spoil their loved ones.

The entire email is themed around how you can find, buy and deliver the perfect Valentine’s gift. By offering personalization and a number of product ideas and options, Apple has really given their creative some love and has made this email about you and your gift.

Finding the right gift can be stressful, right? Not with Apple.

Top 10 countdown


Everyone loves a list, and this countdown from works particularly well as it is an engaging way to show off products and encourages readers to keep on scrolling until they get to #1.

Through this image-based layout, Uncommon Goods have delivered a product-orientated email, that’s clear and easy to navigate.

This approach is useful for promoting relevant and/or seasonal products rather than waiting for potential customers to find something they may like on the vast product catalogue that is your website.

Share the love

spotify premium “If music be the food of love, play on!” Spotify know that events like Valentine’s don’t just represent an opportunity for brands to sell products. This is also an opportunity to make people fall in love with your brand a little more too. It’s a chance to build brand loyalty and advocacy and spread the feel-good factor.

We like the way that Spotify have made us swoon with this send; telling their potential customers not only why they’re great, but also (and most importantly) letting them experience the premium version of their service for free, as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Through their playful design, Spotify have delivered a fantastic example of how brands can potentially convert one-time holiday shoppers into long-term customers, with the right marketing.

Getting customers and potential customers to fall in love with your brand should be a key target this Valentine’s, as brand advocates are 5 times more valuable than average customers because they spend more and recommend more than average customers (Zuberance, What’s a Brand Advocate Worth, 2010).

Have fun


Don’t forget that Valentine’s can be a great time to have fun with your email marketing, just as ebags have done here.

They have taken the opportunity to engage with customers and potential customers by encouraging them to join in with the Valentine’s fun and toy with the concept of mystery, something closely linked to Valentine’s Day when you consider the idea of a secret admirer.

Rather than focusing on products within the creative, the ‘mystery coupon’ calls the potential customers to interact with the brand and take advantage of their ‘gift’ by buying.

Research has shown that 78 per cent of adults only buy luxury or non-essential items if they have a discount (Savoo), so eBags have taken the right approach with their marketing by initially focusing on savings rather than products for Valentine’s purchases.

Make it personal

Although this isn’t a particularly imaginative nor overly attractive creative, the message is on point and for that we’re awarding ‘Find A Babysitter’ top marks.

Their content speaks directly to parents who are most likely yearning for a night together away from the children with an overtly cheesy but romantic image. It also speaks to the subscriber personally with the opening sentence, asking an emotive and leading question that most weary parents would be hard pushed to say no to.

They also encourage recipients to use their service regularly and not just the once on ‘V day’ by offering discounted membership options.

Yes, a more aesthetically pleasing creative could give the email more clout, however for its content; we’re loving this.

Not just chocolate and flowers

Here’s proof that some of the best Valentine’s email marketing comes from brands that are far removed from the traditional teddy bear, chocolates and flower gifts.

Arcadia Sport sent out a great email that offered an example of how brands can still harness popular calendar events even when the event is traditionally removed from their field.

Remember, not everyone goes in for the mushy stuff but most of us, due to commercial pressure, will want to show our loved ones how special they are. So regardless of your product or service, remember that it’s not only the Thornton’s and Blooms Flowers of this world that can harness the potential of Valentine’s Day retail.

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