Announcing Your Summer Sale: A Slideshow Of Email Creative

The summer is a busy time for email inbox’s with floods of retailers dropping their prices to try and get rid of their left over summer stock and telling you all about it via their MASSIVE SUMMER SALE emails.

This week we scoured our dotMailer inbox to look for some of the best examples of summer sale email marketing so that we could share the finest tactics and best practices with you.

Would you believe that between the start of June and middle of August, we received a whopping 289 emails that were pushing a summer sale in some way shape or form?

Cookware retailer, Williams-Sonoma and multi-website online retailer, The Hut Group were among the most frequent senders of those we’d subscribed to. They sent marketing emails about their sales at least once a day, sometimes twice (even three times on the odd occasion).

While they opted for frequency, many other retailers only sent between one and five throughout the entire summer sale period with much longer intervals between sends.

From those 289 emails, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites, here they are:

*To see our comments, make the slideshow full screen and click “Show Info”

So, which words are most used when it comes to summer sale subject lines?

We analysed the subject lines from all 289 summer sale emails we received over the past 8 weeks and for the purpose of digestibility, have turned the results into this fabulous word cloud so that you can see which words some of the largest retailers are opting for.

summer sale emails word cloud

Did you know that 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone? Therefore, the case for subject lines is pretty strong, but what does a top subject line actually look like? Have a read of this post we wrote about achieving subject line success.

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