How to use push notifications to pull in more sales

Where is your phone right now? In your hand? Is it in reaching distance? In your pocket or bag? More of us on the planet have a smartphone than a working toilet, and most of us are glued to it like gum. It’s no wonder that our apps are playing an increasing part of our lives, with the Bank of America’s 2017 report indicating that apps affect everything in a user’s experience, from work, to play and even our love lives. But what is surprising is how few companies take advantage of the incredible power of push notifications, especially when we consider just exactly how influential they can be. Find out how to increase revenue with push notifications here:

The Stats

App users are already your most-loyal consumers, champions of your brand and mission-believers. But did you know if a user hasn’t opened your app in 90 days, chances are, they never will again. If you want to increase revenue with push notifications, this is one of the most glaring and easily rectified facts! What’s more, all that money you spent on accumulating your app user base could be wasted. Unless you send a push notification in the first 30 days, you risk dropping down to a measly 5% of engagement three months down the line.  Sending just a single push notification on the other hand can boost app engagement up to 88%, and the effects of this don’t just cause a temporal spike. People are creatures of habit, and if you create the habit of them regularly heading to your app, eventually you will have a self-serving app user base.

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Push notifications app engagement 1

Figure 1

Push notifications app engagement 2

Figure 2

Let’s examine Figure 1. It appears as though app usage is growing, but in reality, the green segment represents the amount of users who are dormant and no longer engaged. The blue represents active app users. This is an example of a client who does not use push notifications, which is frustrating to see when we know how much companies can increase revenue with push notifications. For example, Figure 2, however, also succeeds in user base growth, but thankfully, not at the expense of disengaging current app users. This is with the aide of powerful push.

Push are the warmest leads

You are most likely using a push notification to re-engage a user, whether that is to get them back into your app, or to complete a sale. Because you are re-engaging for a specific purpose, it’s worth noting that these are not cold messages you are sending out, they are already tailored for the user depending on the reason you are using push. This might be why push notifications have some of the highest satisfaction rates for business messaging in the eye of the consumer. But this satisfaction rate, as with any channel, climbs even higher when you personalise further, and with this level of detail, you can pinpoint you targeting to great effect.

Effective, yet cost-effective

Push is extremely cost effective (just one of the reasons why it’s great to increase revenue with push notifications). If your users have the app, you should almost certainly be reaching them on it, and if even if they don’t, with the use of Comapi’s Branch, set your message to send on push but automatically default to SMS if the user doesn’t have the app or has their notifications turned off.

Jump the line

It’s also worth noting that with most apps, you are essentially jumping ahead in the user journey. An ‘open’, in a commerce app, or where the goal is to expose the user to certain in-app content, is essentially the same as a click-through. This straight-to-app click-through puts you at a massive advantage to using email where the barrier to entry is much higher with the onus on the user to pull content towards them. Push, on the other hand, delivers content effortlessly. No wonder users thank you with a higher than average spend per transaction as an app user, or an increased number of transactions with the timely use of helpful notifications. This is part of the reason why it’s so easy to increase revenue with push notifications.

Micro-content, maximum contentment

Just like SMS, push notifications are a great example of how you can achieve a lot, with such a few characters. Users read the micro content from a push notification in a simple glance. They have to see it in order to swipe it away. This puts you at a great advantage. An email newsletter can take far longer to compose. But with push, you can be sure your message has been seen, digested, and most likely acted upon.

Using segmentation

We’re on omnichannel platform, because we believe in and see daily the power of omnichannel communications. Nine out of every 10 of your emails are never read. So 10% of people have got your message about your amazing products, sales or service. But what are you doing to engage  90% of your audience? How about taking advantage of 98% read rate of SMS to drive more users to download your app. And then with your growing app-user base, segment further and send them more and more relevant push notifications.

With an intelligent, joined-up and centralised-data omnichannel strategy, push notifications work wonders, for example, in cart abandonment campaigns. Especially if you target the user as they move from their desktop to their phone. Or you could reward the loyalty of your app users with deals exclusive to them, with personalised offers, vouchers and advanced notifications that are sure to have to a high return. Whether it’s free shopping incentive to get them over the line or a limited deal on a pre-sale product or service you know they are interested in from their browsing and buying habits, you can be sure the loyalty you provide will continue to go both ways. Remember, a high customer satisfaction rate almost always equal repeat business. Plus, by keeping your current customer base engaged with your brand and offering, you can concentrate on attracting new business too.

Here’s a few other things to consider to get your campaign up and running and increase revenue with push notifications:

Click of a button

Enable users to complete a useful action in your app with the simple click of a button. Ease of purchase for your customer means a better customer experience, and a higher conversion.

Inform, update, relate

By keeping customers informed about product updates or changes to their order, you’ll improve your consumer relationships.

Timed messages

Get users thinking about a product or service in their lunch break. Then remind them again when they are home in prime-buying state.

Target where it counts

Let a customer know that an item they were looking at is back in stock. Or an artist they listen to is touring. By ultra-targeting, you’ll see ultra-results.

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