‘Power Up’ Your Magento Site With dotdigital Engagement Cloud

Over the last 2 months, we have been busy working on a brand new integration with one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, Magento. Our simple philosophy behind our new integration is the more data you can synchronize the better segmentation and ROI you gain from the two technologies. We have set about to create the most seamless and easy-to-use Magento integration out there, to help you not only increase revenue generated from email but to spend a lot less time doing so!

What does it do?

Easy data synchronization

We know that the most fundamental ingredient for ecommerce email marketing is customer data. The deeper this goes the more targeted you can be. With this in mind we have ensured that with a click of a button your entire Magento customer database is synced with dotMailer, this goes historically too!

There are a few important pieces to this data synchronization;

Firstly, you need all your customer information such as name, gender, DOB, address details. But what we also do is synchronize data such as last logged in date, the website they belong to (for multi-store websites)

Smoothly map your data

Secondly, we allow you to separately map your customers, subscribers, and guests to individual address books and if you’re running a multi-store website then we can map your data to different address books per store or individual dotdigital Engagement Cloud accounts for each.

Thirdly we store all the details about every order any customer has placed and their current active basket. That goes historically too!

So you can segment and target better

With all this useful e-commerce data being automatically updated within dotdigital Engagement Cloud it gives you the power to start segmenting more effectively than ever before. With our easy to use drag and drop segmentation query builder, you can segment your best customers based on AOV or total lifetime spend with a couple of clicks.

Using transactional data you can then pick out your customers who have previously bought in a particular category or a specific SKU. And when you combine this with our behavioral segmentation you can start creating segments based on your best customers with specific products already in their basket that are currently engaged with your email marketing…. meaning highly relevant, targeted emails that generate more revenue!

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